Best Performance of the State Weekend (state champions)


A poll to see what people think about the weekend’s individual state champions. I’ll do a non-state champions poll eventually (or someone else could). If you have a nominee in mind for the best performance by a non-individual state champion discuss after voting in this poll!


This was really hard between McCoy and Kromer for me. It seems possible that McCoy is the best runner (running by himself) and yet for Kromer to beat that insanely talented D1 field by 10 seconds is extremely impressive.


I felt it was a toss up between McCoy and Kromer. McCoy got my vote since he ran by himself. Just an indication how strong and deep the running in the state is at this moment.


I voted for Kromer for the same reason;because McCoy ran by himself. He was the heavy favorite and just went out and did what he needed to do. Kromer was not picked by too many people to win it and beat a great field by 10 seconds. A lot more pressure running against much better competition. It would have been nice to see McCoy in the D1 field. The race would have played out completely differently and I think McCoy would have won the race if he was D1, although with the way Kromer looked, it certainly would have been a battle.


As far as other individual performances go, one of my runners Caleb Oster PR’ed by 20 seconds - 16:56, not that his was the best performance or even close but he really showed up…I have a feeling not many people PR at the Ridges…


if McCoy only did “what he needed to do” he probably wouldn’t have gapped the field on the first mile. He was the favorite to win and did more than that. He could have won in any type of race. If he did only what he needed to he probably would have sat for the first two and then took off and broke the field later on. Instead he went out at a fast pace and dared anyone to stay with him.
Kromer had the better story because of the underdog aspect of it but McCoy had the better performance.


Good points and I probably should have worded what I said differently, because I was very impressed with both McCoy and Kromer. Sometimes it is tough to be the heavy favorite and he just went out and took care of business very early on in the race. The voting is pretty even between the two, so I guess people are looking at it in two different ways, but in the end it is just peoples opinion and both runners had outstanding races. Interesting that nobody has voted for any of the other state champions, even though they all had great races as well.


Maybe there should be a separate girls poll? It’s hard to compare the girls champs to what McCoy and Kromer did and even Miehe breaking his own state record by 11 seconds.


Interesting tidbit, I found myself talking to Kromer during the Div. 2 race and watching McCoy. Kromer’s words were, “he is a stud”. I was surprised to see how relaxed he was, and that he took time out of his warmup to watch part of the previous race. 21 minutes before his race and he seemed totally relaxed. He mentioned he hasnt decided on a college yet and wanted to wait until the season was over to make a choice.


I think each of the three boys Champions were impressive in their own right. You have Miehe who broke his own State record and absolutely destroyed Ryan over the last mile after leading the majority of the race, McCoy who ran a smoking opening mile and then just continued to crush everyone, and Kromer who was in a race with multiple title contenders, including the defending champion and the guy who tore up the distance races at State track and just smoked everyone over the last 1k or so. I don’t know if you can really say one performance was better than the others. I’d like to see those three race against each other on a good day though. I think McCoy is the better runner, but I don’t know if his performance was more impressive than the other two.


Until Kromer and McCoy race, people will have different opinions, both of these guys are studs, but the beauty of track and cross country is the times don’t lie and Kromer ran faster! I vote Kromer.


Of course people will have different opinions on who is faster. Even if they had raced each other people would still probably disagree on who’s faster. Sure times don’t lie but it’s very tough to compare times from one race to another, even if they do happen to be on the same course. Especially when the times are separated by only 1 second. Both have valid arguments on why they had the better performance. But, in my opinion, McCoys solo run takes it.