Best ice pack?


Hey all,

Weird question, I know. Just wondering if anyone has a nice, reusable ice pack that they use and recommend…

I’m looking mostly to get my knee/IT band areas. I’ve seen some wearable products that purport to last quite a while and provide compression as well. Anyone have any experience with this type of thing? In college I loved going to our trainer and getting the plastic bags filled with small little spherical ice particles in them (the smaller ice let the bag be very form-fitting, so as to hit all of the area I placed it on), but unfortunately I don’t have access to that anymore.



Sounds like you are looking for a 16 to 40 oz bag of frozen peas from the supermarket freezer. The pearl onions while not so form fitting stay cold longer so it’s a toss-up on type of vegetable. Wrap the bag around you using an Ace bandage.


Seconded the frozen peas.

Gotta MacGyver the hell out of it once you are out of school.


Thanks guys – headed to the store for peas now haha


agree on the frozen peas, just mark them as the ice pack (they don’t taste good after too much time out of the freezer).