Best credit card rewards


Sorry for making a 2nd thread asking for random advice today.

Anyhow, I am going to opening a new credit card. My only credit card now is through my local bank, which the closest branch is 2.5 hours away.

Of course I plan on not living beyond my income, more of a way to build my credit and hopefully reap some minor benefits.

I’ve seen some stuff where you get $150 for signing up, yada yada. What is good?




cash back on your purchases


Jesus christ don’t get discover. It is hardly accepted anywhere- even less than AE


I am okay with a less widely accepted card bc my card that is with my local bank is a visa.


I have owned all 3 of the major credit cards AE, Visa, Mastercard. Visa is the best for being accepted, master card is accepted 99.9% of the places visa is. American express is accepted less but will stick up for you better if you ever dispute a charge with a merchant (which is why I use it for online purchases with companies I have not done business with before, or super expensive electronic purchases that can be broken).

As for rewards cash back is nice but its usually only 1%. Most people will spend well less than 10,000 dollars a year with their credit card, so cash back is going to be less than 100 dollars.

Airline mileage is usually the best deal if you are in grad school (or out of state undergrad or have any job that requires you fly a lot), because you are flying around to conferences (not to mention back home) and your parents usually won’t pay for this (unless they are rich). An free flight is worth way more than cash back. However, if you don’t fly much this might be somewhat useless.


I’d agree with matthewxc


I’d go with AMEX if you can get one.


go with the skymiles

wussy. step up




and is accepted is fewer places. Visa and MC are the most widely accepted. Discover pays the best dividends and is accepted at most places (carry a MC or Visa as a backup).

Discover pays 1-2% depending on your credit rating. Just getting started expect 1%.

Airline points are not worth the effort as the airlines keep changing their plans and points expire - cash doesn’t expire.

Hotel points are easier to use than airline points and are generally easier to add to, but be careful as the hotel chains keep changing their plans too.

I use a Hilton Honors Visa as my back up for the Discover. And a Citibank Priority One (Holiday Inn chain) Visa as my business card.

Look at the fine print of any card. There is no reason you should pay the lender for the use of their card - there are too many choices to have to do that. Make sure you pay the balance in full each month and on time and you’ll never have to worry about interest rates.


You are kind of right about the airlines, which is why I would only recommend that kind of card if you fly on average 2 times a year or more. Hilton honors can be great, but to be honest I usually try to crash in friends places.

I actually use the Amazon Visa card the most. Its really useful if you do a lot of your shopping there. I use Amazon a ton because I don’t own a car and get a free prime account, as does anyone with a student email address.


I fly a lot, so I like the cards that get me into the Sky Lounges or whatever they are called.