Bernie Montoya


1:52.49, 4:01.32 (9th fastest high school miler ever and 1 of only 2 underclassmen on the list - Verzbicas is the other) and 8:48.25.

Heading to ASU, I imagine staying in state was a huge factor. I can’t imagine the thought weather-wise of heading from Arizona to Eugene. LOL.

Interestingly he says the 3200 is his favorite track distance here:!bernie-montoya/c11k

And here is his state 1600m championship where he stops just after lap one to fix his shoe:

He literally stops IN THE FIELD … how the roughly 5 guys basically directly behind him don’t bowl him over I’ll never know. Apparently he has the luck that Morgan Uceny does not.

And here is his, shall we say - impressive?, Dream Mile win:

Our next high school sub 4:00? Assuming he is healthy outdoors does a Pre Mile invite await?

Pretty exciting talent with some solid closing gears.


That is a LOT of kids for a state championship mile


Montoya is my favorite high school runner. He just seems like such a nice guy.


They need to drop the standard down about 3-4 seconds, or at least split them up in 2 heats. That was ridiculous.


You’d need to add Ryun to that list as he ran a 3:59.0 as a junior (which he obviously improved upon as a senior)…the LV junior/senior status is also a strange one in that he graduated “early” after his junior year.


Good call on Ryun, thanks.

As for LV, he was a junior as far as number of years he had been in high school so its fine with me and makes sense but wasn’t he a little older?

And yes, that state mile field was ridiculously large.


LV graduated when he was 18 and a half. It makes much more sense to consider his years in high school as 10/11/12 rather than 9/10/11, both because of how old he was and because of his graduating class.


Wow, that Arizona State Championship victory was impressive! A man among boys, clearly.

None the less, he kept his composure–and he has spectacular form. What a good looking runner!