Ben Saarel 4:02


That was a crazy kick. Dont know why Bernie Montoya was in the back and it was a bummer my man Arroyo didnt win and no one broke 4…


Yeah and you wouldn’t believe how many people on this forum doubted him after kicking 54s in a ton of races and already scalping Montoya on several occasions. Too bad the weather didn’t co-operate, because I agree with you that Arroyo was a major threat.


No results in thread title noob.


Give the guy a break, I count atleast 3 other high traffic threads on the first page of “high school elite” that have nearly the same title. They just have Mary Cain,Sean McGorty, and Arroyo as the title with a different time and no one said anything to the TS, besides its not like he posted DREAM MILE in the title.


Kind of agree, these results, when race was advertised for weeks and on easily accesible web cast for free? cannot complain too much about this one.


Cheesy is right - the rule is no results in thread titles. Period.

Arroyo and Montoya, McGorty, Wynne, Cheserek, they all gave it a go. The weather affected some more than others but they all had to run in the same weather and Saarel proved the best at it. Too bad he lost the sub 4:00.

Maul, have the nerve to say that I was the one who doubted Saarel’s ability. I actually was saying that he hadn’t proven he could race at that level because he hadn’t raced at that level. His previous best was 4:08. I didn’t think he could run this fast but I was wrong - he could run this fast and faster. Today was a sub 4:00 effort that yielded a slightly slower time through no fault of his. He ran an excellent tactical race, came on strong when needed and left no doubt about.


Joe, you are right on almost all counts(sorry about the results thing):smiley: , except, as you know ya can never say someone would have run sub 4

I think this one for Saarel had all the elements, except it was off 3:06 and never leading, so he had some cover, until he had to go,which he did in a big way.

It probably accentuates the fact you close off monster strength rather than just raw speed as folks have alluded to before.

I would think off moderate evenly paced 3:02/'03, in good weather he would have gotten there or close today though.


I am saying it - he would have run sub 4:00 today without the wind. I was sitting right there and felt the full brunt of it. I actually can’t believe that they ran as well as they did.


and I totally get that, however, no one in HS runs sub 4 off anything less than 3:02 , so you have to give Saarel, 4+ to 3/4 and then he has to break 60

NOT saying I disagree with you, all I am saying is this is why it is never easy

If anyone looks up all the 5x, more including Ryun Multiples and Webbs sub 4’s in HS I doubt anyone was above 3:02 flat, maybe LV?


Saarel won by so much today against other really really good guys that I would also be confident in saying that he is capable of sub 4.


Full results posted anywhere?



@Joe, you definetly were not the only one to doubt him thats why I didnt say your name :P. You were the only one I had a thorough discussion with trying to prove my point though. I gotta be honest though I’m pretty sure I said I didn’t think he would approach sub 4, so he has succeeded my expectations with this result. What I did believe was that he was in the highest class of highschoolers (Saarel,Arroyo,Montoya,Ches) although this race shows he may be better than all of them right now.

I think todays effort was worth sub 4 with some ideal weather and pacing, we probably will never know. I knew his 4:08 closing in 54 and his 845 3200 closing in 53(to name 2 results) indicated much faster times.


I hate to say it, but they didn’t do it today, and we will never know if it could have gone differently. :frowning:


Except for of course, my personal favorite, Jim Ryun :wink: Ryun closed his 3:55 in 52.x so he had to come through in 3:03… I think?

With that said, Icahn is a very tought track to run well in, and I would have to say that 4:02 would be sub-4 in many other locations. Right along the water, you get a TON of wind that doesn’t help you as much as it hurts. Easily one of the hardest places to run. I remember personally running 4:48 in a 4x1600 there in my one time, with a PR of 4:19…


wondered about that one


have to see video in an all HS race


If these guys would get together in Greensboro, with the typical distance favored weather as we have had in the past, I feel confident we’d see a sub 4…some are coming so who knows… June14-16…mile on the 16th.
Those kids in the Dream Mile ran incredibly well under difficult conditions…so impressive…
Maybe the announcers will get the names right next time


I won’t argue whether anybody was able to go sub-4 or not today, but based on plenty of experience, Randall’s Island can be a very difficult place to run.


Impressive result for Wynne. Continues to show well despite being very much under the radar.