Beard Art


i want to shave something into my beard for the State Open this coming friday or shave it partially in a way to make it look sick. it is currently really large so i have a lot to work with. WHAT SHOULD I DO?! GIVE ME IDEAS! GO!


I went to H.S. with a guy named Art Beard.


Your contribution to this thread has been simply astounding


How would you describe your contribution?



(make a hook from one sideburn down to your chin and then into a mustache so it looks like…a fishhook)


For an enhanced effect, try to continue the “spiral” to directly below the mouth, as this gentleman demonstrates:


Everyone else only seems to be encouraging you, so I’ll give it to you straight:
You look like a jackass running nerd trying to make some stupid point with your beard, and will look like an even bigger jackass should you dabble in any kind of beard ‘art.’ Just do yourself a favour and shave the whole thing off.


Somebody must be stuck on the peach fuzz phase…


More child molester moustache phase.


It’s No Shave November, you’re not allowed to shave.