Baseball Players Who Just Won't Go Away


Edit: Turned computer back on to declare this the “Livan Hernandez Memorial Thread”.

Inspired by FC’s post, this thread is for listing and discussing players who miraculously hang on without any discernible skills.

Chad Durbin
Johnny Damon (especially Johnny Damon’s arm)
Jason Grilli
Brandon Inge (okay, perhaps fielding is a discernible skill)
Mark Kotsay


chad qualls
dan wheeler
kyle farnsworth

basically 90% of the relievers, particularly left handed ones. On the offensive side…

xavier nady


Chipper Jones… until a few hours ago.


This is a great thread. The Pirates featured a number of these guys this season with Pearce, Chad Qualls, utility player Drew Sutton who has been DFA’d at least 6 times, Nate McLouth (although he miraculously came back from the dead.).

What makes me sad though is a guy like Jim Thome who has become that. Eric Hinske too but that’s not sad. It’s maddening cuz he gets in the playoffs every stinking year.


This morning David Eckstein and Jamey Carroll woke me from a deep slumber.


thome has always been one of my favorites, im happy he is getting another shot at a ring.


Scotts Linebrink and Proctor


kotsay is awesome. Sat in left field seats and some idiot giants fan was trying to jaw with kotsay and he just did the “keep talking” thing with his hands. Plus he acknowledged me after i gave him props. So hes cool


One of my all time favorites was Todd Ziele. He literally played for a different team every season.

Matt Stairs was the same way. But, my all time favorite might just be Jeff Conine. My least favorite is heading to the playoffs this year, Miguel Cairo. He’s soooooooo bad.


seems the pirates mantra to take underperforming talent

such as lyle overbay


Did you know Overbay has “DOUBLES MACHINE” tattooed across his back?


as if i needed another reason to hate him

a player i wish would never go away

nyjer morgan


I disagree with everything you posted there.


Andruw Jones
Jason Bay


Bay has hung around because the Mets have to pay him whether or not he is on the roster. I’m not quite sure why Jones still plays. He gets paid like a tenth of what he did during his big money years and he shows little to no effort. Like he actually hates playing.


The only reason this thread needs to exist.


carlos beltran


Loved Todd Zeile. Actually came in here to post Miguel Cairo, I couldn’t believe he was still playing. To add to the list:

Kevin Millwood,
Miguel Olivo
Guillermo Mota (this one shocks me)

Oh yeah, ****ing Brad Penny


Andrew Jones. Guy was a great fielder back in the day but he sucks now. Not to mention he has 10 hits in two months batting something like 133.


Jones and Rafael Furcal are two of the biggest wastes of talent in this era. Not that both guys weren’t really good players, but both guys should have been hall of famers. There wasn’t a whole lot either guy couldn’t do. Neither just cared that much IMO. Furcal does now, but his skills are diminishing and he’s always been injury prone. Jones never has.