Baker vs. Wilson



Game on…hopefully they will both anchor their 4 by 4 teams as well.


1.52.91 Michelle BrownNJ [URL=“”]Seneca HS201006/18/2009[URL=“”]Nike Outdoor Nationals



52.56 Miki Barber 1998


New Jersey Girls AT Top 50 (Not completely updated)
Lists will be updated after NBON


Wilson’s prior State Record 800m was never added.



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This is going to be the best girls 400m matchup in the history of NJ. Then they’ll both come back again in the 4x400. Wow. I wish I could be there!!!


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I guess the US Record is safe :eek:

400 50.69 Sanya Richards (Aquinas, Ft Lauderdale, Florida)
Stanford, California 6/22/02


Kudos to Ajee for throughout her high school career always seeking out the most comppetive challenge she can find she started her freshman year by embracing the challenge of racing D Tauro in the mile because that was the tougest race out there and she is concluding her brilliant N.J. career taking on someone who if they win this race may not lose any 400 races to a NJ athlete in her career. Bravo!


From blog

7:18: Wlson and Baker squaring off in girls 400. Baker edges away from Wilson down the stretch to win in about 53. The Baconator still has never lost to a New Jersey runner in the event.

9:16: Lenape wins girls 4x400, with Columbia second on Baker’s anchor split of 55.1 and Neptune third on Wilson’s closing split of 52.7."

That is some running by both…


amazing range by Lenape girls

48.55 for 3rd in 4x1, 3:51.43 for 1st in 4x4, 9:15.69 for 2nd in 4x8

4x4 - Pettipaw 58.1, De Las Heras 57.8, Cox 59.6, Thompson 55.8
4x8 - McGee 2:19.X, Franklin 2:18.X, Restivo 2:19.X, Ocasio 2:17.X


Jen Silvestri of Sparta with a 55.41 FAT split on anchor.


looks like Jess Woodard’s 151-10 broke the NJ junior class discus mark

151-6 by Jocelyn White

because I know so many of you guys care about the girls discus :slight_smile:


how about this:

Robin Perkins of Trenton Catholic was MVP of the 2011 girls hoops Tournament of Champions and now with her 5-8 HJ a Meet of Champions winner also

amazing accomplishment

she lives in Westampton, so that’s 5 titles today for Burlington County girls


how come you didn’t list the splits for the 4 x 1?