badgers vs buckeyes


im picking uw 28 to 24 victors over the mighty buckeyes. how about the meet before the game? gonna see my first football game in madison in about 25 years. what local cross country meet will be most exciting friday or saturday in the Madison area to try and see live?


Big 8 at Verona HS on Saturday AM.


The Badger XC team is hosting the Ed Nuttycombe Invitational at the Zimmer Course early Friday afternoon!


So you could do:

Friday morning to mid-afternoon “Nuttycombe” Invitational at Zimmerman Course. Great lineup of teams. Usually there are some good crowds (fans, families of team, etc) that hang out at the Great Dane for dinner in the evening. (I also highly recommend the Old Fashioned for the best burgers in Madison but that’s just an opinion)

Then on Saturday watch the Big Eight at Verona HS as @riplips suggested. Pre-game somewhere in the River of Red flowing down Regent, University and Dayton St in the afternoon and then head to Camp Randall for the game around 6ish.

Better than Halloween in my opinion. Big weekend in Madison coming up.


Zen hit it on the head - that’s a perfect weekend. Second the Great Dane and also second the Old Fashioned. Loved it there - great cheese curds too. Lived a couple blocks from Old Fashioned for 2 years about 10 years ago - my mouth is watering.


Would love to pick your brain on the best burgers and food in general in Madison. I had a contest in the back of my mind for years – to find the best burger from the Capitol to Camp Randall and its adjacent areas.

Here’s what I left with:

  1. #30 at The Old Fashioned - @Goforthewin your diet will go out the window after the cheese curds as breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be in this one sandwich.
  2. The Runnelstone at Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry - very tasty
  3. Pub Burger at Great Dane (Downtown) - never went for the All-American

Best surprise burger - Blue Moon

Best Pizza - Hands down Ian’s Pizza.

Best Fish Fry - Surprisingly it is Wando’s (say no to fish bowls)

Best Breakfast - Sausage Scrambler at Mickey’s Dairy Bar

Also do you remember when this was circulating? What a great time that was.


Seriously, @zen, we’ve got some of the same tastes.
I didn’t eat a ton of burgers in Madison - but greatly enjoyed the spicy burger and the one with the egg (I’m assuming #30?) at the Old Fashioned. I thought the burgers at the Gritty were overrated and the Plaza was pretty good.

Ian’s pizza was great (mmm, Mac N Cheese), but I did enjoy ordering a Chicago-style pizza my later years on Thursdays from Pizza Extreme was out on East Washington - few blocks from the Capitol. I’m not sure if it was because I never had a Chicago-style before or what, but it was amazing. Also expensive on a college budget, hence the 50% off Thursdays.

Completely agree with Wando’s fish fry. I wasn’t expecting much when I decided to grab one on a Friday night my junior year after going for years without one. I haven’t had it since I left college, but it’s my #1 fish fry that I’ve ever had. Loved the breading (or lack of it). So many places have such a thick breading that you can barely tell you’re eating fish. The fries were perfect.

No-brainer on Mickey’s. I still make my own scramblers, but I miss going to the Shell for Madison West Relays each year and grabbing a scrambler during the down time of the meet. I didn’t get there much during college due to being a janitor in Tripp/Adams/Slichter for 3 years on the weekends (7:30-4:00 shift, yuck), and then living out by the capitol.

The food I still crave comes from Jin’s stand that would be parked by Langdon and then off of State Street during my time in college. I was a chicken guy for a couple years until a buddy got me to try the catfish. Then it was one of each… nothing like watching a troubled Badger RB cut in front of everybody and dare anybody to say anything.

I miss Brother’s 10 cent wings - that mild sauce was great.

Madison. Loved that town. SVP nailed it right on the head.

  • My Ian’s slice is Chicken Penne Pesto. Friend of mine loved Guacamole Pizza. Most of the time I am okay with just cheese but the Mac and Cheese is a common favorite.
  • Extreme Pizza has a pizza called Cardiac Arrest – good tasting pizza but not good for you
  • Brother’s had 10 cent wings and a line out the door. Usually a lot of entertainment took place in that line.
  • Jin’s Chicken was great and yes I loved that catfish sandwich too. He always had music videos and a line wrapped around Memorial library on weekend nights. Jin’s became JD’s when “Jin” got into gambling problems (he also cooked up old meat and caught some flak). JD’s shutdown shop too and what was there is now a greek place in the Aberdeen.


This is from a Q&A with Ed Nuttycombe at related to the meet being named after him. Interesting question and answer, particularly the rationale. I would have thought Torian in a no-brainer, but Nutty’s answer makes perfect sense.


I guess cross country isn’t track! Solinsky had one bad race and that was basically it.


Man, you’re making me crave their wings. Been too many years.


Unfortunately, Brother’s is no longer. Not sure what replaced it or where the next best place for wings might be.


On the men’s side today, the Badgers finished 11th, but Malachy Schrobilgen dropped out of the race after being in the top 20 for the first half.


 11.   313  Wisconsin                                          (  24:39.8  2:03:18.6   1:01.3)
  1      3  Morgan McDonald      JR   23:55.4
  2     60  Olin Hacker          FR   24:41.9
  3     77  Joe Hardy            JR   24:51.9
  4     81  Ben Eidenschink      FR   24:52.7
  5     92  Russell Sandvold     SR   24:56.7
  6   (177) Zack Snider          FR   26:18.4

I am actually really happy to see Ben Eidenschink running decent. I had my doubts about him early on, thought for sure he’d be at UW-Eau Claire soon enough. More result links here.

Also, for tomorrow’s game:



Great game (despite the finish), beautiful campus, great kids, too much to drink, will be back next year


Holding penalty on Fumagelli lost the game. His grab cost the Badgers a touchdown. His man had no chance to get Clement on that play. Small things make big differences.


what is wrong with Snider, he beat Olin handily in the 5K last year at Platteville and what happened to Schrob?


Schrobilgen worries me and Sarah Disanza. I hope both of them are healthy. If Malachy can score well the Badgers will be close to the top 10. If Sarah is running (and Sorenson) the women will get some respect.