Badgers @ Big Tens


The Badger distance team looks unusually weak on the men’s side, no?


I know Mick says they don’t want to even run indoors, but it isn’t like they are asking them to run 5k and 10k at every meet. Not sure why they are not running anybody in the 800, or give the 2nd tier guys valuable experience running in the Big Tens. Do they even have a middle distance program?


I havent looked at the schedule of events but I am surprised that Sandvold is only running the DMR. He has shown some nice improvement and looks strong enough to double. It is also easy for us to 2nd guess coaching decisions when we arent there in the locker room or training circle to see what is going on.


What happened to Ramos!?!?

Heat 3 Preliminaries

1 Creese, Robby Penn State 3:57.86 4:05.20Q
2 Kelly, George Michigan 4:05.02 4:05.99Q
3 Dulian, Blayne Minnesota 4:03.28 4:06.45q
4 Wiebke, Derek Minnesota 4:05.98 4:07.43q
5 Hart, Michael Iowa 4:13.26 4:09.22
6 Hill, Bobby Penn State 4:09.25 4:10.32
7 Ramos, McKena Wisconsin 4:07.38 4:17.75
8 McElhiney, Samuel Iowa 4:17.41 4:18.50


Meet:M4:34.353/1/2014Leah O’Connor, Michigan Sta

Big Ten:B4:30.631989Suzy Favor, WIS

SPIRE:S4:34.353/1/2014Leah O’Connor, Michigan Sta

1Handler, BrookMichigan4:38.19 4:41.74Q2

2O’Connor, LeahMichigan State4:34.28 4:42.29Q1

3Hoevet, KatiePurdue4:44.87 4:42.64Q1

4Osika, ShannonMichigan4:41.88 4:42.82Q2

5Hanson, MollyWisconsin4:45.38 4:43.09Q1

6Munley, CourtneyMichigan4:45.53 4:43.71Q2

7McIntosh, KiaraPurdue4:45.75 4:44.82q2

8Calder, BrennaIndiana4:52.79 4:45.01q2

9Urick, KailaMinnesota4:50.37 4:45.28q2

10Schmelzle, HopePurdue4:51.75 4:45.38q1


To be 100% honest, I’m not surprised Ramos didn’t make finals as it was one of the things I was worried about. The Big Ten runs a little different than WIAC. His chances might have been better if he wasn’t the lone Badger in the race. I am surprised Mick Byrne didn’t send McAsey, Hirsch, Sandvold etc. along for this race. I’m also surprised he hasn’t let Kromer run an early season mile just to test the waters as he did run 4:14.65 as a junior. Overall, Mick’s boys didn’t run many mile races this indoor season:

results link:


No idea what happened to Ramos, but I wasn’t surprised either. I’m not sure if the rest of the guys are just focusing on outdoor and working on more strength stuff or what.

Nice to see Brenna Calder (Beaver Dam) make it through… 7 second PR?


Anyone happen to have the men’s dmr splits?


Brad Johnson makes finals

Heat 1 Preliminaries
1Fleming, JaredOhio State1:49.681:51.01Q
2McAsey, JoeIllinois1:47.381:51.25Q
3Sattler, JeffreyMichigan1:50.961:51.30Q
4Watkins, Za’VonPenn State1:49.681:51.46
5Logue, JoeyPenn State1:50.711:52.68
6Reilly, KieranIndiana1:54.621:52.78
7Huntoon, JordanIndiana1:52.321:54.16
8Dvorak, ScottMichigan1:52.321:54.45
Heat 2 Preliminaries
1Teubel, WillIowa1:49.401:50.06Q
2Deng, GoanerMinnesota1:51.711:50.18Q
3Johnson, BradleyMinnesota1:50.651:50.26Q
4Kinnaird, Tre’tezIndiana1:48.201:50.28q
5Munley, BrennanMichigan1:51.201:50.71q
6Makins, JordanPenn State1:50.031:51.22
7Jaeger, BrendanRutgers1:54.371:52.29
8Haag, RyanMichigan State1:53.851:54.00


Ramos 3:00
400- 47+
800- 1:52+
1600- 4:08ish

Hanson 3:22
400- 55+
800- 2:09+
1600- 4:48ish. Gabbi A


Ramos, Ellis, Barth, and Sandvold for 7th place


1Creese, Robby (SR)Penn State7:50.36 8:10.75110

2McDonald, Morgan (FR)Wisconsin7:55.20 8:11.6718

3Ferlic, Mason (JR)Michigan7:59.14

4Schrobilgen, Malachy (SO)Wisconsin7:54.78 8:12.9115

5Barnett, Ian (JR)Illinois8:02.40 8:13.9614

6Fischer, Matt (SR)Penn State 8:14.1313

7Waterman, Jake (SR)Purdue8:08.40vvvv 8:14.3612

8Rayyan, Morsi (SR)Michigan8:01.96 8:14.8211

9Rhynard, Caleb (JR)Michigan State8:05.15 8:16.521

10Gold, Alex (FR)Illinois8:14.03 8:19.321


Disanza was 2nd in 9;16 in 3k


Nice double by Malachy

Finals 5k
1Ferlic, Mason (JR)Michigan 13:58.7710

2Schrobilgen, Malachy (SO)Wisconsin 13:58.828

3McClintock, Matt (JR)Purdue14:20.0813:59.926

4Barnett, Ian (JR)Illinois13:56.8014:03.085

5Rayyan, Morsi (SR)Michigan 14:04.964

6Pappas, August (JR)Michigan14:17.4814:05.393

7Waterman, Jake (SR)Purdue 14:05.562

8Bartnik, Aaron (JR)Minnesota 14:06.151


What was up with the line-up for this? Going from winning last year to 10th this year doesn’t sound like the Badgers I know


In 2014 the Badger men scored 110 points at the Big Ten Indoor meet not including the two relays. Guys who graduated scored 72 points and guys who redshirted this season scored 18 points. That doesn’t leave much. Just about all of the freshmen (plus Hirsch) who have the ability to score redshirted. Injuries hit with McAsey, Kromer and Van Voorhis, plus both pole vaulters. Some guys simply didn’t have the seasons that they were probably looking for. That leads to 38 points. Ouch.

At the Big Ten indoor meet, each gender can have 32 individuals compete in an unlimited number of events (that had been the rule; I haven’t looked it up in a couple of years). The men had 16 guys compete and the women had 20. Right or wrong, the coaching staff isn’t interested in participation medals at the Big Ten meet and they don’t appear to believe that getting your butt kicked is a learning experience. You only compete if you have put in the work and hit the marks to be there. That said, obviously, it’s the coaching staff’s responsibility to build the roster with athletes that can compete at the Big Ten level.

One thing that has to stop (if you are a Badger fan) is Wisconsin women distance talent going to other schools in general and other Big Ten schools specifically. Both genders will lose kids to Minnesota, but tend to pick up some Minnesota kids. That’s always been there and always will be. Gina Sereno and Brenna Calder placed at this Big Ten meet, both competing with freshmen eligibility. Andrea Ostenso probably would have placed as well if Northwestern was allowed to compete. We all know the names that have gone out of state. That isn’t the fault of the current coaching staff. I also don’t know if it’s the fault of the prior coach. For all I know, none of these kids ever had any interest in going to Wisconsin regardless of the coaching staff. Whatever, it has to stop.

The one result that I enjoyed the most from the indoor season was Jake Hirsbrunner pole vaulting 13 feet. Soon enough that will be 14 feet and then 15 feet. And likely higher. His 1:53/4:13 and 6’6" ability will never go away and he’s got the frame to put on the muscle to throw. He’s going to be a beast in the Heptathlon and Decathlon.


I think you will see more in state women staying at Wisconsin now with the new Womens coach, just my opinion.


Do we know why Emily Sisson left? Had to be issues with the old coaching regime… she’d look damn good on the team right now too. 15:12? Sheesh.