Austin Mudd Appreciation Thread


This kid is a stud. Has the crazy double at state, wins the NBON 800 title, and gets second to LV in the dream mile. He easily deserves his own thread.

Give Austin some lovin

Edit: Yes i know it was last track season and he graduated but whatever he is still amazing


As Grand Master of Indiana, I approve this message.


Who would win in a race Austin Mudd or an Austin Martin? Probs Mudd, can’t beat that amish american horsepower!


Austin Mudd featured in TF&N this month.


Well Deserving, hes a boss


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As a student at Wisconsin I also appreciate Austin Mudd. Hopefully he can do some big things in the upcoming years.


He will, he will


Mudd goes 149.xx at Big Ten in 800 preliems, here he comes baby!!


Not hearing too much after he got crushed and was 5th in the final?

By the way, I think Mudd is just an awesome talent, and I think this is his first indoor season?


Nice finishing speed by the one and only Austin Mudd


Mudd just went 3:45 at Stanford 1500 winning section 3, WHAT A BOSS!!


Thought he would run at least that by now, also thought he would go 1:47 by now Indoors or out


Give him some time, transitioning to a college running program like Wisco takes some time to get used too, im positive he will run great times at the end of the season…besides he is doing better in college then most people in that high school class


A new 800 PR!!! and fastest out of the open heats at Mt. SAC


Mudd with a 3:40 1500 winning heat 3 at Payton Jordan. Just continuing to get better!!!


Guess that Austin is just a guy who needs it to warm up a little before he gets into his groove. He really blew things up last year once May came around.


Mudd winning the USA Jrs 1500. Granted the time was not blazing for him, but you cant pass up the trip to Spain to compete against top jrs in the world.


Mudd breaks 4 and wins Meyo invite!!

Delta Timing Group - Contractor License
2013 Meyo Invitational - 2/1/2013 to 2/2/2013
Loftus Sports Center/ Meyo Field

Event 23 Men 1 Mile Run Meyo Mile

Invitational Section 5
Name Year School Seed Finals

1 Mudd, Austin Wisconsin 3:59.00 3:59.33
2 Morris, Graham Illinois 4:00.47 4:00.17
3 Bayer, Andrew Indiana 3:57.75 4:00.20
4 Legesse, Frezer Oklahoma 3:58.95 4:01.68
5 Fallon, Christopher Ohio State 4:04.59 4:02.01
6 Hillenbrand, Matt Kentucky 4:02.78
7 Hatz, Alex Wisconsin 3:58.68 4:03.10
8 Fife, Nolan Indiana 4:05.11 4:03.99
9 Curr, Tom Butler 4:00.11 4:05.35
10 Pinheiro, Paulo Tulsa 4:01.20 4:06.51
11 Carroll, Luke Illinois 4:02.00 4:09.85


I thought that coming off such a good sophomore year that Austin Mudd would be killing it this year but the opposite has happened. Mudd has literally been completely off the grid this year and has not put up any solid times in the races that he has ran. I love the guy and hope he is okay, maybe just trying to peak for a better outdoor season than he had last year? I know that last season he had said to some of my Big Ten runner friends that he felt more fit indoor than he did outdoors, hopefully he is just prepping to win the 1500 outdoors. I think he is one of the only runners in the NCAA that has the ability to win both the 800 and 1500 outdoors.