Attn: amw2829


This threads for you.


To what do I owe this honor?


Bring back charmander. It’s just not the same with squirtle.


Were you born on February 8th, 1929? If not, why the numbers?


It’s my house number. Back in the day when I used AIM, my name was amw2829 because amw1012 was taken.


So you were born january 0 1912?


i’ve figured it out: a=Alabama, m=Montgomery, w=Windsor Ave, 2829=house number

this is your block, right brah?

brb, murdering amw2829 in his sleep tonite.


Well you’re within 800 miles. Solid guess though.


You continue to be the only person that reps me.

I feel like I am probably not alone, but I pretend you secretly love me and I am special.


I rep a lot of people quite often(a few more than others). If I did though, I at least consider your post rep worthy because it probably made me laugh out loud.


Who do you rep the most?!

edit: probably okko :smiley:


True story, amw2829 has given me all of my rep.


So basically, he/she is a WHORE!

The ones I love always turn out that way :frowning:


I’m not a whore…

Prude, if anything.


Your mother and sister?


Ginger, I would like to inform you that Skurey and jbf are the only ones allowed to neg me.

This is war.