Atlantic Coast League


Thread for the ACL this fall.

Quick preview, no particular order.

Sandwich: Allen,Regan, and Gannett all sub 17 a year ago. Lots of depth and the favorite at this point.

Dennis-Yarmouth: Nee (1:58 )and soph barnatchz (16:40 5k this summer) will lead this group. Will be looking for others to step up and fill in the next 3 spots.

Marshfield: Hubbard and Thomas up front. Soph Tautiva(4:47) could be a solid 3rd man. Next few spots up in the air.

Plymouth-North: Farragher looks to be the top returner leading a young team after losing Gordon and Lapsely to graduation.

Plymouth-South: Another young team returning with a soph that ran 10:45 in the two mile last spring.

Falmouth: Lost a lot of seniors, but have a soph that ran a 4:45 mile as a freshman last spring.

Nauset: I believe they return Herwig.

Any thoughts on the season or anything to add?


Colin Merrill should be in their top 3:cool:

D4 Meet 2010 running 2nd man
31 31 36 COLIN MERRILL SO Dennis-Yarmouth 17:27 5:37
Spring 2011 10:22


Not sure how I forgot him. Gives them a solid top 3.


Wow - Keith Barnatchez ran a 18:33.00 in the 5000m at Massachusetts (MIAA) Eastern Div. Cross Country Championships, placing 71st last November, any idea how he was able to drop close to 2 minutes in 7-8 months? He did run a 4:55 mile in the spring, but 16:40 for a 15 year kid is really good.


He did run a 4:55 mile in the spring, but 16:40 for a 15 year kid is really good.

That 5k he ran was real short, like 2.9 or something. He did run a 17:14 3-miler though, if he keeps up his training he could be well under 18 by seasons end to round out the top 3.


looking for sandwich to make a push at All States this year. They return many runners, and while they may not have a “stud” they make up for it in depth


props to Marshfield and sandwich for being ranked…well deserved!

any news on possible merger with ocl?


vs. Dennis-Yarmouth @ PCIS; 2.65 miles
Course record: 15:56: Jordan O’Dea, DY ‘13
Gorgeous fall day, mild, 60’s

  1.     Jordan O’Dea                          DY                  16:28
  2.     Jess Currier                              DY                  16:39
  3.     NICOLE BOROFSKI          NORTH       16:45PR, school record, #1 jr.
  4.     Mary Stafford                         DY                  17:45
  5.     Ashynde Xiarhos                    DY                  18:17
  6.     Shelma Pierre                          DY                  18:37
  7.     Lee Drown                              DY                  18:46
  8.     ALLISON GORDON           NORTH         19:18PR, #7 fr.   :D:D:D
  9.     EMILY CLELAND             NORTH         19:28
  10.   CHAELA HOOD                  NORTH         19:31PR, #10 fr.
  11.   Emma Harney                         DY                  19:42
  12.   MARGOT HOAGLAND    NORTH         19:51PR, #14 fr.
  13.   Kegan Colmer                         DY                  20:36
  14.   Meghan McLeod                    DY                  20:57
  15.   CHELSEA WILLIS             NORTH         21:18
  16.   EMMA BOWMAN              NORTH         21:37
  17.   CORI ENOS                          NORTH         22:01PR
  18.   Megan Mitchell                       DY                  22:30
  19.   LIBBY BRIGIDA                NORTH         22:40
  20.   Shelby Darrah                         DY                  22:52
  21.   Bridget Dunbar                       DY                  22:53
  22.   ERICA BURKE                   NORTH         22:59
  23.   Emalee Peterson                      DY                  23:18
  24.   Stevana Pierre                         DY                  23:35

DY 18

PN frosh run #7, #10 and #14 frosh times ever on the home course, also ran without their 2 runner today, who is also a frosh (owns the number #2 best frosh time and #19 all time)


vs. Dennis-Yarmouth @ PCIS, 2.65 miles

October 18, 2011

  1. Colin Merrill DY 14:34
  2. Sean Nee DY 14:39
  3. CODY FARRAGHER NORTH 14:43PR, #8 jr., #42 all-time
  4. Keith Barnatchez DY 15:03
  5. ALEK ANDREWS NORTH 15:39PR, #12 so.
  8. NATE SHANNON NORTH 16:41PR, #14 fr.
  10. Kenny Dorr DY 16:55
  11. Sawyer Jones DY 17:02
  12. Andrew Perrino DY 17:02
  13. John L’Hommedia DY 17:07
  15. Zack Brown DY 17:28


PN close to upsetting the 10th ranked team in d2…were they running full strength?


The ACL seems like a lonely place huh thejoseph haha. I feel for ya!


haha trying to spark some discussion…obviously it is not the BSL thread. Maybe it will change next year…i heard we are getting some additions…


yes, so I heard. And yes I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy going immediately to tracktalk during my prep period and seeing half a page of new posts on the BSL thread!


Yes they were, they have a real solid top 3 but the drop off is not a good sign of things to come. They have a really young team this year. I’d say Merrill has the best shot at qualifying for All-States, followed by Nee and Barnatchez, but the whole team qualifying? Not sure that’s happening as much as I’d like to see it.


yet another reason why i say rankings dont mean squat. 10th seems wayyyyyy too high.

both teams are quite young I have noticed, but PN returns all of their top 7 next year…very excited to see what happens.


I know I’m a bit late on this, but I noticed that no one else has commented on it. Obviously, there’s not going to be a full merger with the OCL. Taunton will be joining the Hockomock league. I’ve heard that Barnstable, B-R, and Darmouth might be joining the ACL, but it’s all up in the air. Taunton to the Hock is a definite though.


good to know, did not hear you guys were leaving. does that leave any OCL teams left? I am all for an addition 3 teams, the comp in the ACL will benefit, as it has fallen off in the recent years.


Well, once we leave, Barnstable, B-R, and Dartmouth will still be in the OCL until they’re accepted into another league.


My bet is for Sandwich to win the championship with DY closely behind, Marshfield has a strong punch of Hubbard-Thomas but drops off tremendously after that. Won’t be strong enough to repeat


agreed. Look for DY girls to repeat as well. improvement of Currier is very impressive. kudos to DY, should be a great 1-2 punch next year.

Individual guys: Hubbard/Thomas is a lock

Dave Allen should be able to grab third.

after that, my guess is Merril/Nee/Barry?/Farragher/Sandwich for miles…


D-y wasn’t at full strength, missing the fourth guy who is usually in the middle of the top3 and next pack