so there this high school water gun game for seniors only right before graduation. im assuming some poeple have played it and its somewhat well known. the point is, we need ideas on how to win, and runners are the most creative people in the universe. help. a list of rules is listed below.

-must be in a partnership with another senior
-will be assigned a target of 2 people. (the target does not know who is coming after them.)
-we will have a team trying to shoot us as well.

  • cant be shot on school grounds or during school events like practices, games, meets etc.
  • cant hide under cars (but can hide in them =] )
    -cant enter your targets house without being invited in first
  • trespass on property at own risk
    -i dont wanna list the rest cuz theyre not that important.

mainly looking for creative strategies here considering everybody will probably be hiding out in their houses or not leaving the school unless they need to. cmon tracktalk people, help me here. i need to not be broke anymore… much love.


stop stealing my avatar. i had it first so back off


My friend is going to win $1600 dollars at the end of this week when he wins assassin.

Edit: Thats assuming he kills this chick that he has been working with this entire game via backstabbing her. But thats how you play the game.


if your target has practice after school, hiding at his house when he gets back is great. Also if you can get to the gf/bf that is a good option.


Based on what I have seen the last couple of years, hiding at the house doesn’t work very well. Most people will pull right into their garages so they can’t be killed because they are “in their house.” The key is to figure out who everybody else has. If you figure out who has you, find out who has them and get them set up. Stab people in the back before they manage to turn on you.