Ask Nick Symmonds anything! Nothing is off limits


This is 800m runner Nick Symmonds and I will be here all week to answer your running and non-running related questions. I am recently home from the 2013 World Championships where I won the silver medal. To learn more about me follow me on Twitter or Instagram @NickSymmonds. Nothing is off limits here, so please, ask away!


Obviously you run, but whats been the best fish youve ever caught (runner and fishing fanatic here). Im curious.


He’s not HERE to answer you.



I caught a 20+ inch bass last month. I’m not nick symmonds though.


I haven’t caught it yet. That’s what gets me up in the morning besides gold medals.


Also, I’d like to thank Zen for organizing this. I’ve been a lurker on tracktalk since 2010 and it would be awesome to get a dialogue going!


So if Nick Symmonds is your real name…what is your middle name?


My middle name is James.


What are your training plans for the rest of the year?


Also, how do you feel about Kingcoe’s predictions for your 5th Ave Mile?


do you sleep in an altitude tent?


Since the World Championships ended I’ve basically went into off season mode. I’m going to race a little bit here and there just to gauge my fitness and get some training in. I’ll be mostly in meets in the states but I’ll try a few in Europe before XC starts. Right now I’m just working on building up a good base which would include moderate intensity, long runs(at least for me), short speedwork, and a little weightlifting just to let my muscles know that I mean business.


With all due respect, Kingcoe can go fuck himself.


So Nicholas James, you are back in Oregon now?


No. While I believe that an elite athlete should do everything they can to be the best they can, at the same time I also believe that hard work is the most important factor and that an altitude tent wasn’t something that I needed to give me an edge. Also for an event like the 800 meters, the extra hemoglobin that you get from the thinner air doesn’t seem to help you as much as it does for further distances.


You bet!


So you’re not in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan or anything…


how often do you drink? during season, and off season. Do you limit yourself before big races (olympics, worlds, etc).


How long of a break, if any, do you take after the season ends? And by this I mean do you take any period of complete rest?


Sorry guys, it wasn’t Nick Symmonds.