Ask a kid who just got robbed in the 4th safest city in America anything


So I was walking back from work at 10:15PM carrying a bigass box of clifbars that I bought. I heard a noise and was startled to see some black kid in a red baseball cap behind me. I felt bad for being startled so I said “What’s up?” to him to try to play it off casually. The ****ing kid says “show me the money”, and I was like “…what?”. He said it again and pointed at his pocket. I freaked out and gave him all the money in my wallet and he ran away. I had like $150 :(. Anyways… questions?

Edit: This was in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, about a mile and a half off BC campus.


It’s a running forum…so maybe you should have run?


That’s why I mentioned the big box of clifbars I was carrying. Although even if I didn’t have anything holding me back I probably still wouldn’t have just because I was so shocked.


When he asked for the money, you should have given him the cliff bars (or thrown them at him). He probably would have been confused, and you could use this to get a head start when you ran away. When you said he pointed to his pocket were you implying that he looked armed?


Probably had his hand on his penis. He was propositioning you for sex.


Gotcha, though I mean I know clifbars are quite good, but I might’ve ditched them right there and then just bolted. That would distract and maybe satisfy the kid if he were hungry. This is assuming you didn’t see a knife and/or gun on him.
Btw not sure if you should be quoting “Jerry Maguire” to rob a guy. That’s amateur hour.
EDIT: beat to it


You were carrying too much money IMO. I never carry more than $30-$40 on my person. You did what was right I guess, it was late and you were alone and did not know if he was actually armed.


Yeah. Definitely not a gun but he made it seem like he had a knife.

Yeah, I mean the area is known for being ridiculously safe so I’ve never even entertained the idea of being in danger before. Will have to take precautions in the future.

Edit: at least 7 or 8 cop cars showed up to the scene within 10 minutes. Still couldn’t find the kid.


You should be able to out run a knife, but even Bolt can’t outrun a bullet! Better safe than sorry.


Chestnut Hill Massachusetts. I’ve never broken 60 in a quarter so I’m not sure I’d be able to get away honestly.:smiley:


4’th safest, c’mon that’s like the Camden of Newton;) .


that is why i never carry more than $50 on me at any time no matter what reason.


LOL I got beat up for 30$.

What a shame.


Didn’t you ever see The Chase?

It had Charlie freakin Sheen in it, since everyone is all about him lately.

Anyways, he robs a convenience store and kidnaps this woman with a candybar in his pocket. I’m not saying you should have fought for your stuff or anything, but he probably isn’t going to use a weapon if he’s even hesitant to show you that he has one.

Did you report it or anything?


did he brandish a weapon?

did you experience an adrenaline dump?


From the other kids perspective that was the easiest $150 he ever got.


I think this would actually qualify as getting mugged.


this happened to me one time walking behind the alley near my apartment. the guy was really dumb though and i kicked him in the balls hard and booked it around to the front of the building and disappeared


carry hundreds of dollars around on me all the time. don’t worry about gettin robbed.


Yeah I called the cops right after.

I didn’t particularly believe he had a weapon that he was willing to use either at the time but it just wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. Especially since it was unlikely that I would see anybody for at least 3 or 4 minutes in any direction running away.

  1. Nope, just implied that he had one. 2. I don’t think so, no.