Ask a guy who totally once touched a boob anything


Yes, it was amazing.


Did it feel like a bag of sand?


Like the most amazing bag of sand you’ve ever felt.



There’s no question about that!


What kind of nips do you think he/she had?

I find nipples to be VERY important when determining quality of a boob.




i wonder if they feel as cool as they look. someday i’ll [hopefully] report back


Was it a giant boob wearing a suit of money lactating scotch?


That’s just ridiculous.

On a different note, does anyone else feel betrayed when they take a girl back home and undo her bra only to find out it was a push up bra? Man… That whole industry must survive off male disappointment.


Nope :frowning:


Oh who am I kidding? I’ve even touched a boob ever. Bags of sand? What was I thinking?


I don’t think I’ve ever felt a bag of sand. I can sort of imagine what it’s like. Erotic.