Ashton Schwartzman wild rose


The board mentioned him in middle school as a top athlete and he is not dissapointing opening up with an amazing 51.3 beating the Stevens point top guy and getting 2nd to the fine Neenah quartermiler. Fastest opening 400 by a freshman indoors I have ever seen in the state. Good catch by our board (I can’t find the post). He did run a fine 2:13 in middle school as well so don’t be surprised if he joins the freshman sub 2 minute club this year. He has a brother on the team as well not sure if they are twins or not as I didn’t research. Potentially a sub 49 freshman quartermiler although this year that may not make the finals.


Looked him up in milesplit. Hayden is a junior with PRs of 55 and 2:09 so maybe they are cousins.


Any relation to Jason Schwartzman?


I’ve mentioned him a time or two. He is fast. He’s always been fast. Not twins. Hayden mostly sticks to distance. When you’ve got a decent distance runner in a small school…


Not only has he not run an individual race since that fine first one of 51.3 indoors but I don’t see him on the team roster. His brother is still on the team roster but has only run 1 outdoor individual race (a 4:58 mile) and they have competed like 5 times outdoors. The team has run decent 4x400 times of 3:32 and a little under 1:35 in the 4x200 but their bench of guys has improved to the point where it’s possible they ran that without Ashton if Hayden ran a decent leg. After running the fastest opening time for a freshman I have ever seen indoors in the 400 for wisconsin for a freshman does anyone know where Ashton went? Is he still on this team? Not a lot of potential 48 second freshman quartermilers walking around wild rose :rose:but something seems to be amiss. Jose Guzman, Ryan potter, Ashton Schwarzmann, Edgardo Valdes …it’s the year of the disappearing middle distance stars. That’s a lot of talent not running outdoors (Guzman has run the 200 meters earlier in the season) for a state the size of wisconsin too replace although hopefully they all emerge by conference like meinke and iron sheik have recently in the distances


Broken hip is what I’ve heard from a normally reliable source.


Hi iam Ashtons father. Yes hes been out since 2nd indoor meet when he broke his hip. Hes all cleared to run in meets. So this Friday the 11th he will be competing in conference. Hayden and ashton are brothers. Hayden been primarily distance but now in relays. We took ashton to nationals last summer in kansas. He competed in the 100,200,400 triple jump. Took 4th in the 400 with 51.24. And 6th in the triple jump. Up until injury he was hoping to hit 49 in 400. Hes feeling good and excited to be back!


@Randy_Schwartzman your son is quite the runner, glad to hear he is getting healthy again. Look forward to seeing him healthy, running some good 400s and down the road perhaps some great 800s in the future. Thanks for the update


There you go again wanting to move sprinters up a distance. I think if the toughness is there and the yearn for another challenge is there that can pay off but some kids just don’t have that adventurous spirit. They chose to go with whats working for them in the now.


Ashton breaks a hip, misses basically the entire indoor and outdoor season and comes back for conference and wins in a fast time of 50.3. Congrats on fighting back. He has a chance of being the second best quartermiler in the state as a freshman


Ashton didn’t have the perfect sectional as he didn’t make state in the 200 but he qualified in the 400 and has a chance to win it if he can pr at state and break 50 which would be very elite as a freshman. When he is healthy for a full season as a sophmore hopefully he can become one of the better quartermilers in history and potentially move up to the 800 as well or if he doesn’t than show some significant improvement in the 200 but this note isn’t about him. Wild rose has a 7th grade who has already run 60 flat and a different 8th grader who has already run 2:10 (top middle school time in the state) and 5:04. Talk about building the 4x400 team through middle school development as both of those times are very good for their age as the 7th grader may be able to run 56/57 as an 8th grader and 52 as a freshman and the 8th grader is probably on a similar or better path. What’s in the water in wild rose


Congrats on the 49.8 and state championship as a freshman. everyone else in the final under 51 flat was a senior. To keep improving Ashton needs to look ahead of him not behind him. Given he had a serious injury I would shut it down this year but next year shoot for the class c record which is breakable, get more meets with better competition against larger schools, and then pick a path of either getting that 200 pr way down as he didn’t make state in the 200 in class c or start to improve his strength by mixing in the 800 and running some real times in the right races below 2 flat. Not to limit his upside at all as he is young and fantastic but I think ultimately he is a 47s, 1:51 candidate morso than a 21.2 47s candidate so that’s the path I would choose but it’s Ashton and his family’s and coaches path to choose and make a 3 year plan to get there knowing that all plans have unexpected distractions such as broken hips. Way to fight back from an injury and have a great year @Randy_Schwartzman


Last years freshman sensation opened up at spire also running 51.17. Im guessing he is dissapointed in that time given he ran faster indoors as a freshman (track equivalent) but still a very nice opening time preseason. I expect Ashton has the chance to be by far the best middle distance runner in class c history if he can stay healthy, gain a little 200 speed and if he has the courage to go for it in the 800. Clearly he will he ready to defend his class c 400 a sophmore.


I just assumed Ashton played football but he is actually a cross guy who has run fairly consistently 18:03 to 18:45 most meets as a freshman and sophmore (mostly around 18:30s). Ashton ran 50.8 indoors and 50.3 twice outdoors so far and he has had a lot of meets already against class b and c competition and ran the 400 almost every time. He has run numerous 100 and 200 meter dashes and has done ok 11.55 and 22.7s are his prs but he is not elite in either event as a sophmore. He ran the 800 once and won by 12 seconds finishing in 2:05s. He is too early to judge as he may get bigger stronger and faster as he gets older but right now I see a guy who in the right race can probably run a great 800 today and potentially 1:57 or better as a sophmore. He is in class c so even though he is just ok in the 200 he could possibly finish very high at state in that event. He is due for a fast race and a big pr but his recent performances have been somewhat stalling especially his 200 times which need to come down if the weather wind was ok if he is gonna run 48 flat this year. The kid isn’t ready for rzentkowski in the 800 but if his high end speed doesn’t improve dramatically as a junior they should move him into a 400/800 guy. A 2:05 solo effort by a 400 guy is very impressive it means pushed he could probably break 2 although Ashton is used to pushing himself I still think it’s hard for 400 guys to run fast when alone in an 800. As a senior this is a 400/800 elite runner with the 800 possibly being his best race. Keep running the 100/200 for development purposes but so far he is more strength than speed. He recently got crushed in the 200 by another sophmore from lacrosse aquinas who looks like a solid new sprinter in the state