Asbel Kiprop


Where do folks see him historically? He has an interesting/ impressive resume:

5th fastest all time at 1500

4th in 2007 Worlds
Gold in 2008 Olympics (after the drug dq)
4th in 2009 Worlds
Gold in 2011 Worlds
12th in 2012 Olympics
Gold in 2013 Worlds

Gold this summer I think would push him to an all time great but right now I have trouble placing him in the category . . .


As I’m sure you know, Kiprop was injured in London. Had he been healthy, he would have another gold right now.

He is the greatest miler of all time. I can’t help but look at El G with suspicion, mostly because of the era he competed in. The same goes for Noureddine Morceli and Lagat.

Fair or no, that’s my honest assessment.


I have no problem at all with your assessment. And indeed if healthy I’m sure he would have been right in the mix. Had he won gold I think you are right, he could enter the discussion of greatest miler.

But he was injured and he did finish 12th.

Steve Ovett was a dominant miler. Multiple WRs to boot. But, no Olympic or World Champ medals (to be fair the Worlds hit near the end of his career but he was there in 1983 and tactically blew the final).

It is hard for me to call Kiprop greatest of all time. It belittles history and runners from other eras. Coe, Elliott, Ryun, Keino, etc.

I think it is almost impossible to choose one greatest, and certainly Kiprop should be in the discussion. One more gold would immensely help his argument.

Thanks for weighing in.


Unfortunate injury in London aside, he has shown up when it counts and he been one of the few guys that has been good in time-trial type races and in championship finals. I think his consistency has been underrated in an era where guys who have been studs at a young age tend to fall off the map after only a couple of years.

Even though he has the hardware from Beijing, I’m sure he would like to actually cross the line first in Rio, as well obviously defending his world title this summer. If he does happen to win in Rio, he would be the first to win titles at 1500 eight years apart EVER (El-G had seven years between wins in 1997 and 2004, though he was 2nd to Morceli in 1995).

He has the championship finishes and times to be an all-timer, though it is impossible to definitively compare across eras. Rather than try to compare him to performers from the the 50/60s/70s, Ovett/Coe/Cram in the 80s, or the EPO boom, I’ll just say he is the best 1500 runner we’ve had over the last decade.


Definitely over the last decade.

Cant wait to see Centrowitz this year as well. His:

3rd in 2011
4th in 2012
2nd in 2013

is pretty amazing as well. If he medals again this summer he will be so far ahead of any other American middle distance runner as far as hard ware it won’t even be funny.

Interesting to note though that he has been less successful on the circuit and has a personal almost 4 seconds behind Kiprop!

By no means Am I ready to call Centowitz an all time great at this point, but he has certainly placed his name in the list of top Americans I imagine.


Although there’s no way to know, and certainly even Kiprop isn’t above suspicion, but I think it’s likely he’s the legitimate WR holder at 1500. There’s no way it’s El G, Lagat, Cacho or anyone else from the EPO era.

Actually, I doubt there are ANY WRs from the EPO era that are legit and that includes Radcliffe, Komen, Geb, Bekele and probably Kipketer as well.


What about Kiplagat’s slightly faster 3:27 from last summer?


Since we got off the cinders might be closer to my position and yes I know that can not be true but suspect we had aided results since we started writing the numbers down.