Arrested Development


Greatest show ever?


I remember the first time I smoked weed


It’s close with Curb as greatest sitcom ever


“All I know is that this has been going on forever. His eyes are red, his grades are slipping.”
“I heard about the A-.”




Obvious bump.


Finished the new season recently. Loved it.


Two episodes in! I’m pacing myself.


Shenanigans. Episode 5 is the best.


Anyone else think Lindsay looks absolutely awful?


First episode she looks like she’s on meth. It improves in a few. Most of the characters look a little worse for the wear–part of the storyline, part 10 years of real time. Tobias looks way chunkier. GOB looks much older.


I’m with you, Lindsay looks terrible. She aged poorly.


All those years with Ellen sitting on your face has to take it’s toll


only 2 episodes in and had to stop for now. All the scenes are drawn out and lack wit and charm. I’ll try again tomorrow


I’m ten episodes in, here are my impressions:

  1. The writing is not nearly as good. The best parts about Arrested are the many inside jokes, double entendres, and quick responses. While I’ve laughed or chuckled a few times, it just doesn’t hold up to that same zippy standard.
  2. This season is much more plot-driven. It’s a web of storylines, all of which are intersecting and being made clear in subsequent episodes (watch backgrounds of crowded/busy scenes, you’re liable to see someone). The situations are humorous, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to track all of them at the same time and really enjoy it.
  3. So many of these scenes are just gut-wrenching, from Michael in the first episode to GOB’s incoherent stuttering. My viewing companions and I just keep cringing and wishing the scenes were over.
  4. I really hope the last five episodes get way better. Instead of being a lovable group of high-society knuckleheads, this season portrays them as truly selfish, conniving idiots.

If you’re only a couple episodes in, keep going, it does pick up.


Anyone expecting the same level of humor will be let down, but I think that expectation is silly. I loved the season. It was different, but good. No season of any show will ever touch season 2.