Are people offended by Suzy Favor critics?


Five years back or so The Smoking Gun, various tabloids and letsrun exploded with commentary about Suzy Favor Hamilton’s weekend escapades. Yes, she showcased her hoard of personal issues and was placed under the public microscope after having a stellar Olympic caliber athletic career. But does anyone get offended that one of our own continues to be flogged due to her actions over five years ago?

I find it troubling that here we have an individual with a personality disorder that perpetuates due to her micro celebrity status and public image. Every other day she is practically naked on instagram and all the old hogs go there to feed at the trough until she relapses again. Then they talk about it on letsrun which will seemingly snicker into eternity with this scandal.

My question is when is enough enough? This is one of our own and no matter what she did at the end she is still one of the most decorated runners in state history. Really, how long are we all going to ride her bipolarity vicariously? Until she reaches a confused state and harms herself?

I think everyone needs to move past her tragic flaws and just accept her for the great things she has done. Allow her to move on and dont give into the temptations that feed her distorted perception of reality.

Also, I cant imagine how her poor daughter would feel if she looked her mom up through google. This is another angle where I personally get offended because Suzy will never live down some of her life’s choices and the cycle can repeat within herself and her family.

I think it’s time for people to take initiative and defend one of our greats.


They took her poster down from the SPASH gym. Chris Solinskys too. Coincidence? I went to school with her. I don’t know how you defend someone on the internet from internet trolls. They live for the “fight” and face no consequences for their stupidity. I figure if she’s comfortable with the pics she posts, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks.


It just sucks that people are more interested in the taboo instead of her many years worth of accolades and good deeds. The denizens of letsrun do not help. Not nice that Suzy and Chris posters were torn down.


The only part of SFHs off track life that impacts her on track performances is reported in the first part of the interview here:


Why was Solinskys taken down? Did I miss something that happened?


I don’t think anything happened with CS. I think, and it’s just a think because I don’t know with any certainty, that in order to avoid a can of worms that might have been opened by taking one down, that both were just taken down.


I agree Zen. This wasn’t a mass murder or harming children or endangering national security. Prurience, sadly, often wins.


agree with you completely on this. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. As it says somewhere in the bible when a group of people were about to stone a woman to death. Jesus said he who has not sinned throw the first stone. I am still angry that they took her name off the Big 10 track award. I am not sure I forgive her for counting her laps wrong in the 1500M race on the world stage. (just kidding)


A few years back we took our CC team over to Spash HS to show them the trophy cases of championships, field house, and weight/cardio room. When we walked into the field house I noticed the picture of Suzy and Chris were removed and one of their coaches said something on the lines of taking both down was the easier solution and less questions asked. It’s funny how sensitive we have to be in this new era and have that knee jerk reaction to a few people questioning an issue.


I pretty much agree with everything that everyone already said here. This issues in her personal life should remain private, and is really between her and her family. If they have come to terms with everything that has happened, who are we to judge. I do believe that the mental health issues are real. Think about it, basically from middle school on, Suzy has been expected to win, win big, and to look good while doing so. I feel that has been exhibited in things like, as @westharrier said, he “forgetting” how many laps there were, and her passing out after finishing and things like that. Also, coming to terms with aging and moving past the peak performance part of her career would be difficult for anyone. I am frustrated by it, and I was not even in the same universe of talent as she was. And, due to her national profile, she is expected to continue to run well and look good doing it, despite the fact she is now in her 50s, and a mother.

After our discussion of Foot Locker national qualifiers, I was looking into the career of Mary Hartzheim, and I was surprised to learn that she had passed away at such a young age. One article that I found had some quotes from Suzy, in which she discussed how difficult it was for her to come to terms with Mary’s passing, as that was one of her closest confidants, and someone who could relate to everything she had been through.

I don’t read the forums on LetsRun very much, as it seems to be an overwhelmingly negative experience. Anyone bashing Suzy or Gabe Jennings on there is pathetic. I realize that there are a lot of ex-D1 runners on there, but 99% of them could never come anywhere close to achieving what Gabe or Suzy accomplished, and bashing them for decisions made in their personal life seems like the epitome of jealousy and trying to tear down some big names.

Not sure why they would take down her pics at SPASH. I agree with @ccnoob, its not like she killed anyone…


I swear the NY Times read this thread.