Arcadia is this weekend


Girls and Boys Invitational 3200’s have 32 and 34 listed to start.


Not as bad as the meet I was at today in WA. The winner triple lapped the final finisher. I can’t see how running state caliber varsity runners and JV runners in the same race is productive…\

Granted it’s not quite the same for a meet of Arcadia’s caliber but I still had to vent the point.


Bosley 8:49
Easton 8:57
Chapman 9:14


Adam Rzentkowski also raced at Arcadia this weekend. My west coast contact said he ran 9:16 and placed 9th in the Mens Rated 3200 Friday night.

This Wisconsin senior class continues to impress! I’m guessing that’s four out of four outdoor 3200m pr’s in California this weekend! Congratulations to Drew, Caleb, Henry and Adam!


Although Finn time was faster than bosley I would say finn benefitted from the field more than bosley did as that gap from 2nd to third was surprisingly large. Im hopeful drew doesn’t truly race another 3200 until state he can focus on the 1600/800 and 4x400 and then crush that 3200 record on Friday night. If he triples at regionals and sectionals it’s all about qualifying working as little as possible. Caleb Easton did surprise/impress me running sub 9 and I guess is theoretically in striking range but bosley should be fresh and really ready to run fast on Friday night. Agree with earlier post that if your on the wrong side of the tracks when there is over 30 kids in the race things can get tough. Henry Chapman had a tough race but he can regroup and come back strong. Nobody in class b should touch him in the mile or 2 mile so he has the flexibility to take some risks during the season and if they don’t pay off still likely win some state titles