Arcadia is this weekend


This weekend is the Arcadia 2 mile. 3 Wisconsin runners are in the fast heat. Drew bosley, Henry Chapman and Caleb Easton. Expect some all time bests in that one. I don’t think anyone else from Wisconsin is running boys or girls but not sure. The race is streamed I believe I will try to link the stream later on or someone else can feel free to do so. Meinke seems to be resting this one out. Will bosley run faster than Finn? Lots of studs in the race. I think cole hocker from Indiana is missing as is the fine middle distance/distance star from Tennessee but most of the nations studs will be there


I am thinking off the top of my head:

Bosley 8:51
Chapman 8:57
Easton 9:04


Brooke jaworski will also be hurdling at Arcadia so we will be well represented on the womans side, I don’t think Roison Willis is running or any of our fringe national players in the female distances but not 100 percent sure. Other elite athletes our state has on boys side to at least look out for include the fond du lac weight man. The sprinters from Waukesha north and Milwaukee Washington. Rowan ellenburg, meinke and vanucchi are in the elite category as well. And on the women’s side the king sprinter can be a national elite and I believe we have another potential elite hurdler based on last years 300 results if she improves some. Any other field events types or names I overlooked that we should be looking for that are in the national elite category to even look in the heat sheets or programs for in meets like this? I’m not up to speed on female field events across all the divisions especially.


Adam Rzentkowski is in the mile


It’s a 3200. I’d be surprised if Bosley isn’t 8:45-8:47 unless he goes gonzo and starts a kamikaze sprint with 800 to go like he did last year. Easton and Chapman I have no idea.


Rzentkowski 4:18.84


A long way to travel for him to run 4:18 but I respect him for taking a shot. (4:18 2 months before state is excellent I just meant relative to his 4:19 pr from last week). Should be the honor roll outdoor leader until palatine. Where has he committed to? Has he picked a college yet or like Henry Chapman still auditioning for a step up. I haven’t seen vanucchi open up yet he has his work cut out for him if he is gonna catch rzentkowski. May take a 4:11 to win class c state meet this year with both of them battling


Watching the live stream, heard the announcer mention Brooke Jaworski during the women’s 400, but she did not show up on the results at the end?


I read she was in the hurdles not open 400. I just put up the live stream any idea what time is the 2 mile?


The heet sheets have times listed, I think it was 7:20 local time but don’t bank on it. Adam Rzentkowski is going to Central Michigan. The interviewer got the name “right”, minus a strong Polish accent.


My bad, 8:50 Pacific


A long way to travel for him (Rzentkowski) to run 4:18 but I respect him for taking a shot

It looks like Rzentkowski also ran 9:16 in the on Friday in the Men’s Rated race. So two races in what looks like great weather was probably worth the trip!


Yes 2 prs. 9:16 is a big pr for him in the 3200. Congrats to him definitely worth it. Looks like he just missed winning his heat finishing a very close second


Jaworski scratched both the 400 and 300H.


Did she DNS or DNF? I couldn’t tell from the footage. The announcer announced her at the very least.


Not sure if rzentkowski could run for the badgers or not but given he is one of the very best prospects ever coming out of class c he sure would be a welcome walk on. Central Michigan has a good pickup.


Jaworski was a definite DNS in the 300H (her spot was filled; announcer had an outdated start list) and isn’t listed at all in the 400 results. So she could have DNS’d both or started the 400 and didn’t finish. The 400 should get archived so we’ll be able to figure it out.


That makes sense. The end of that Men 300 Hurdles was insane!

Getting pumped for the 3200 which should hopefully be soon!


400 already archived. Jaworski was a DNS.


I’m not a fan of these 3200 where they pile in 30+ kids into a race on the track. Might as well just run it on a cross country course…

Edit: Oh this isn’t the main event. Didn’t see they had a seeded race. I guess this will be a good appetizer of the competition of what’s to come. Hopefully that White Honda doesn’t get towed…