Appreciating Masters Track & Field


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One of the most fun events I ever officiated was a Masters Meet in NY 1975, The World Master Meet was going to be in Canada and a number of national teams were invited to attend a meet a bit before it in Westchester NY. Bob Fine and a couple of other masters put it together. bob asked a couple of AAU and RRofA officials to help. At that time I was one of the few working officials who did master, HS,college and age group, NYRRC and AAU open/invitational meets.
A large group of masters from Australia & New Zealand committed to the meet. One of my friends a flight attendant, who flew the Australian route, and her husband had just opened a pub-- Waltzing Matilda on NYC’s UES and it fast became a Australian ex-pat hang out. Long story short it became team HQ for many of the Common Wealth teams leading up to, during and after the weekend meet. My apartment was littered with runners for about ten days- my GF and my two other dancer roommates were away touring middle America with their dance troop and singer Trini Lopez so it got pretty uncensored quickly.
. . .and so a lot of migration from the pub around the corner to my livingroom took place. I had runners napping, with OilCans of Fosters as pillows, on the living room couch, chairs and floor heck the piano bench dining room table and even under the kitchen table were perches for the weary and perhaps overserved lads.

The competitions were hard fought and fierce but the camaraderie of the competitors even more important . It was hot and humid-- punishing as only downstate NY can get. in the summertime. I believe the technical term is Hotter Than A Titches Wit- - -All in a hot and copper sky, the bloody Sun, at noon, right up above the oval track did stand, no bigger than the moon . . .

A 104 year old Scottish sprinter ran with the 90 to 95 year old kids because no-one else was that old. Cheers and laughter rang out louder that a shot putters OOF all day long. Just the best meet ever…


Guess how many Masters athletes are competing at the 2015 Worlds.

Take a guess at how many

hint both men and women have more than two and one athlete was born in 1969


I am going to guess 3000.


An itsy bitsy teenie weenie bit too high