so this weekend i’m stuck at school and subsisting on a dozen apples and a few cups of rice chex i acquired from the dinning hall before it closed for fall break. i originally had 4 red delicious and 8 mcintosh. i’m down to 2 and 5, respectively. so at this rate i can keep the doctor 2.5 times as far away as usual. or maybe i can just keep 2.5 doctors the normal distance away :confused:

the rice chex remain untouched.




You should get some Gala’s.



although if i had to go what one of those non-other choices, i would go golden delicious


sounds like you’re broke


Seriously, just go to Subway or something.

Voted: mcintosh.


What the hell is wrong with you people? Fuji apples or get the hell out of here.


Jazz and Honeycrisp.




Regular bowel movements FTW.


Honeycrisp by a landslide


Apple pie up in this bitch!


Only Gala. Nothing else compares.


Golden Delicious


I like to oat, oat, oat, opples and bononos.


turns out i was not at all qualified to make this thread. i’ve never even heard of gala or fuji apples (i may have eaten them, but i generally make no attempt to identify the variety of apple i am consuming). and now that i think about it, i’m pretty sure the 4 apples i identified yesterday as “red delicious” were actually cortlands.

in any case, i’m down to 2 mcintosh and 1 cortland. i have eaten 7 apples in the last 24 hours.