Appeal For Madness


We need more of yesterday.



“But that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone.”


Well who’s the “elite” runner that’s going to call out an NCAA champion next? Then have their gf who loves the holocaust stop talking to them?

No one can bring the type of entertainment show’emtheropes can bring


B B But you guys are buddies


i enjoy madness. count me in


Yeah the gloom and doom TT vs. RISE discussion gets old after a while. I support anarchy.


History will point the way for TT and Dyestat. Sooner or later a giant Internet world war will break out in which ESPN is a victim of, people will flock to ESPN’s side while TT is given the cold shoulder for being anti-victim, which all of us will be e-arrested and interned in an internet prison until the e-war is over.

calling it


Madness shall ye receive.