AP Scores


It’s that time of year again. How did everyone do?

for me
Lit 4
French 3
Calc BC 4/AB subscore 5
Physics B 5

Combined with my scores from last year, I have 36 credit hours going in to college now.


AB Calc: 5
The rest of my class was complaining about how hard it was…the rest of my class were pussies. I probably should have taken BC. I also took A.P. Psych but was too lazy to take the A.P. exam…in retrospect I probably should have done that as I would have gotten at least a 4 probably.


lol, APs.

edit: Nothing against anyone in this thread. I just find them amusing.


My career:

Human Geography: 5
Environmental Science: 5
Calculus AB: 5
U.S. History: 5
Physics B: 5
Statistics: 5
Microeconomics: 5
U.S. Government & Politics: 4
Comparative Government & Politics: 4

Not sure what happened on those last two. Probably didn’t do any of the reading.


Impressive memory. It would take me a while to remember what I took, and it was just two years ago.


Took me a while to remember all 9. I just knew I took 9, so kinda went through the subjects.


All right, here goes:
Calculus BC, Biology, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, US Government, US History, Physics C, Computer Science AB, English Literature.

I had to cheat for the last couple and consult wikipedia for a test list. Guess I took 9 too (sounds about right, anyway).


Got a 4 on my AP Brit Lit. Only test I took. Pretty happy considering English is probably my worst subject.

Probably take Physics, Calculus, American Lit this year.


way back…

Chemistry - 3 (not high enough to count for credit)
Java A - 5
CalcBC - 3 … AB subscore -4
US Gov. - 4


Oh man you should have taken it, seriously, the easiest exam I took. I did have a really good teacher, but I think it would have still been easy if you did well in the class…

From last year:

AP Psych: 5
AB Calc: 5
Physics B: 5
Biology: 4 (arrrg)
AP US History: 3 (class was only one semester, which is apparently not normal)

Took AP Lang class but not the test.

Other than that my school only offered 3 other AP classes, Lit, Calc BC, and Environmental.


Only took US History. No one at my school ever takes AP tests except for calc AB senior year, so I just took it on a whim. I got a 4, and I was pretty happy with that considering I didn’t study a bit and completely made stuff up on the essays. My DBQ essay was complete bull****.


AP Psychology in 2009. 4. I wish I had gotten a 5, I studied pretty hard for one weekend having done nothing all year in the class. And then I get a C+ in the Intro course in college. Balls. Social Psychology is next!


US history - 5
biology - 4
english lang - 5

calc bc - 4, 5 subscore
english lit - 3
spanish - 3
psych - 5

i think the english lit one i didn’t even bother trying because it was my last test and i just didn’t care after everything. and i such at speaking or listening to spanish. can only read and write it


Probably because the comparative gov test was insane.

I took that and English lit and I got like a 5 on that and maybe a 2 on the Gov one.


Biology - 4

Got straight C’s in the class and did not study at all…that test was easy.


Macro- 4
Bio- 4
American History- 4
Chem- 3 (only one I took this year).


us history - 4.

little disappointed, didnt study at all but on my practice test we took in class i got a 5 but just barely. an essay on women in history killed me :rolleyes:


Is that why you made a 4?


Statistics: 2 (lol)
American Government: 3 (teacher retired mid-year, shoulda studied harder though)
European History: 5
Us History: 5
Lang/Comp: 5
Lit/Comp: 5
Psychology: 5


Proudest was my 2 in Physics B.