Anyone going to be in NYC in 2 weeks?


Any statters going to be in NYC in ~2 weeks (i.e., that weekend)? I might be there and as someone very unfamiliar with the east coast, it would be cool to see what it’s like from a “local” perspective. Dyestat meetup?


Go to Coney Island eat the best pizza in NYC at Totonno’s on Neptune Ave,have a hotdog at the first and best Nathan’s stand in the world on Surf Ave and ride the Cyclone the best wooden coaster in the world…
:smiley: OK maybe not in that order


Depends on what you want to do, and where you’re going


Madison Square Garden (33rd and 8th) has some pretty cool stuff, like FUSE, it’s worth a visit. Penn Station is there too.

Times Square (42nd) is a must-see, lots of big stores there. M&M’s store is pretty cool, Hard Rock Cafe is one of my favorites. Cool stuff there too.

Should also try to hit up Chinatown (Canal St.). Right next to Chinatown is Little Italy. Go a bit East and you’ll run into South Street Seaport, which has a ritzy feeling to it with nice shops, stone roads, and a multi-story pier overlooking the bay which is romance-y.

Little Southwest from there, you’ll hit the 9/11 Memorial, run into Wall Street, then further South is South Ferry which you can see Ellis Island from.

Basically the last 3 things I wrote, are within walking distance. It’s a bit of a walk, but worth it.

Grand Central is worth a venture too, but if you go to the South it’s easiest to take the subway there.

Manhattan is really only the place that’s worth while, but there’s stuff everywhere. Van Cortlandt Park is in the Bronx (I think) and that’s the Mecca of American Cross Country. There’s Steinway St. in Astoria, Queens, but that’s like all hookah, bars, and cafes.


Go to a deli. I’ve heard Katz’s is one of the best, but I always end up going to Roxy since it’s right near Port Authority. Wherever you go, you should probably get corned beef on rye. And a latke.


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I’m living in Newark this summer so if you’re going to be in New York, I’ll come across the river and meet up.


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Zoomstreak is from there


Looks like I’ll be there most likely this weekend (or at least Saturday) :D.


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Sorry man, was gonna be there but plans had changed. Lots of good recommendations in this thread though, if you feel like venturing off.

I don’t think many people on this site live in or around the city…