Anyone for monopoly?


temp room 002
table 13
password: dyestat


Anyone for oligopoly?

zing econ joke


but seriously, i’m bored


****, i gotta set up a new table. gimme a sec


ok fixed it. same thing

temp room 002
table 13


I ****ing love monopoly. I was undefeated for almost my entire life until this past summer when I lost in the finals of our annual monopoly tournament. It broke my heart.


we got room for one more


I would but I don’t know how to join tables, it just places me somewhere. Help?


go to login up top, connect with facebook, then it chould take you to where you can find rooms


I’m coming now


if there is ever a computer at the table, it’s not worth playing. sooo many ways to cheat. All humans is super fun though.


lol if you have a utility you can make off with bank


Post if a table opens up.


haha yess. legitimately any utility/railroad and you own the world 2 turns later. I have had people quit against me after i used the cpu player haha


there’s an open spot in a game that’s about to wrap up. teamorange is there but he hasnt moved into the seat yet


Anyone down to play right now?


I’m playing right now. I’ve been playing vs. the computer all afternoon, and could use some human company.

temp room 002
table 34
password dyestat


temp room 002
table 6


i’m a cumin



temp room 002
table 6

will start immediately, come and jump in