Any good running docoumentaries/movies?


Apart from without limits. Any suggestions?
I LOVED the long green line, are there any movies or docos similar to that?
Or just any suggestions?


I don’t know if its similar, but I’ve got “Saint Ralph” in my netflix instant queue, its supposed to be pretty good


“On the Edge” with Bruce Dern. Pretty good. It’s about the Dipsea, although the race in the movie is called the Cielo Sea to Sky Race I think. if you’re curious about the real race. i run it every year. finished 4th last year.


I really like Chariots of Fire. Without Limits is definitely my favorite.
I’ve seen the Long Green Line many times and that was also really inspirational.


Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

It’s not a running movie, but it’s about racing. It really gives insight into the whole “overcoming obstacles to triumph” type of thing. Some unintellectuals might not be able to fully appreciate the whole value of the move though. Would definitely reccomend though.


If you ain’t first, you’re last.


Run Like Hell depicting Anthony Famiglietti’s training and backstory.
Side note-This movie cover inspired a tattoo that a few guys on my XC team got.

Endurance- This film is about the great Ethiopian distance runner Haile Gebrsellasie. It’s not a documentary, but comes off as such.