Announcer for girls D2 3200


Okay I have watched several of the races on the online streaming. Someone mentioned in a different thread that the announcers were doing a good job and I would agree with that. However, I could not believe how casual they were being during the girls D2 3200. A girl went out in sub 5 for the first 1600 and they did not seem that excited or impressed and later in the race when I was guessing Allie would run under 10:15, they said she had a shot at the D2 record, which was only 10:33. Allie was running one of the all time great races ever run in Wisconsin and was potentially going to run the fastest time ever at state for any division, a record that had stood since the mid 1980’s and they did not seem that excited.

Not sure what my point was, except that Allie was absolutely amazing and the announcers could have been a little more informative and excited about what was happening. Only three or four girls from all Divisions ran faster in the 1600 than she did in her first 1600 meters of a 3200 race, just to put it in perspective. Her first 1600 was 6 seconds FASTER than the winning time of the DI girls 1600. Amazing.


I am rather embarrassed to say this, but I actually didn’t realize how absurd Allie’s run was as I was watching it. Partly because the announcers hyped up Seidel so much and were continuing to do so even during the D2 race, partly because I wasn’t taking splits, partly because she didn’t even win the 1600 yesterday and her competition was close enough early on in the 3200 that it didn’t seem like she could have been running that well. But mostly just because I don’t really watch HS girls’ running very much and have a poor sense of what’s good at that level. Even when I saw the finish time I was thinking of it as 11:11 – i.e. I thought she ran ~40 seconds slower than seidel, and the announcers’ attitudes almost make me wonder if they were similarly confused. she just ran so fast my brain didn’t really even process it :o

anyway, it was a hell of a run, now that i think about it, and definitely deserving of more excitement than the announcers’ gave it.


I have been watching Seidel and Woodward this whole year and was excited to see both of them run. I was taking splits for both of their races and Allie was already about 7 seconds faster at the 400 than Molly. I knew she was either going to run a great race or blow up. When she was sub 5 at the 1600 I couldn’t believe it. That is extremely rare at any level of high school girls races. Had I not been taking splits, I would probably not have realized what was taking place.