And so it begins...2010 Master of the Playground Play-In Tournament


I’m keeping this one open for 24 hours. Sorry in advance for teh spamz in the playground. Mainly speaking to you 4gotN :o

The Saint I threw you in there. Was going to put bd/Fanya/other old dyestat posters in for the lulz, but feared they may have won. Gave Cocakula the nod too.

Contestants, vote for the best 4. Will have to go off of the honor system. I trust you guys, TT. If you vote for more than 4, I’ll just take the top 4 you listed in the way I ordered them.
Top 25 poster in terms of total posts and rep.

As of 12/14
Rep points: 160
Have all 150 Pokemon on my Pokemon blue
Solved a Rubik’s Cube (3x3) in under a minute and can solve a 4x4 Rubik’s Cube
Won a rap battle once
Completed the 40 day challenge
Hit 8 shots in a row during a game of beer pong
Brickbreaker score of 42630
Hold my school’s record in the mile.
Most money spent at Wendy’s in one trip: $27
Facebook Snake Score: 2120
Know the alphabet in sign language

Purdue guy who hasn’t posted in a while, but is the leader of the Ill. boards.

watch me run
Track Talk contributor who was the first to get 1000 posts and 2000 posts. The Sultan of IL

This guy likes UConn and has no avatar. Likes the MPT I believe.

Posted that sad/hilarious video of the fat girl pizza freak out as well as Blind Guy’s girl.

Otis Moulmein
One of the deeper posters on the site, as shown by his threads that include life outside of Earth as well as God. Rep OVER 400!!!

Likes hockey and has the “I am Canadian” video in his sig. Tried to resurrect the 12 album game but had no luck with it.

Charmander who liked Playground Sheep. Haven’t seen much of him lately.

Pissed off some people for a while.

I think this guy is a good runner. But posting is more important and impressive in life, so he is a long shot.

An old dyestatter who helps distribute the lulz.

Representing the throwers of TT.

Used to be one of the few posters in the red, but climbed his way out. 2nd most posts with a username beginning with “s”

Hobbies include being in the kitchen.

Born in 1991 probably.

Was a stud at sheep.

Predicted he would lose first round. Confident that he will make it there though.

Loyal to the threads he posts in. That is, makes a bunch of posts in one thread and one thread only before moving on.

Cat with a watermelon hat as an avatar.

Tyson Gay avatar who has contributed to the Pics that make you lol thread.

Had a 3 month hiatus from the playground, but has made a triumphant return with this post:

Tom Hobbes
Lovable poster who is best known for his contributions in the Summer LPG thread.

The Saint
Was active today at 4:17 AM.


And so it begins…


Write in Candidate: Davy Jones




Oh hey there


Biggest snub: DirtyRobe

Also strong ghamalian bias here.


im upset that i was only mentioned in someone elses stats.


I think if this is to be done it should be somebody who knows more about these posters than:
The Saint
Was active today at 4:17 AM.
Cat with a watermelon hat as an avatar.
Tyson Gay avatar who has contributed to the Pics that make you lol thread.

Or perhaps we need better options to choose from. :wink:


Voted myself as it will most likely be my only vote. I am honored that I’m known enough to be mentioned here though. Now on to te MPT!!!


You were an 11 seed dude!
6. xcworldchamp
11. DirtyRobe

He was the only one who submitted a resume. I just copypasta.

Haha yeah, even though I was mainly messing around, I don’t know a whole lot about everyone. Already mentioned I may not be the guy for this, I just love this kind of thing. Plan on stepping it up for the 64 man tournament. Gonna do a whole writeup for my dude Medial.


Updated Resume (see sig) :smiley:


Updated. That snake score is good for 4th on TT. Anything above 2,000 is ridiculous IMO (in the sense that it takes at least 45 minutes to get). May need to see a breakdown of the 27 bucks spent at Wendy’s. That’s crazy.


theres a lot of people on there that i dont even see post anymore. that being said, im voting for noone


27 dollars of wendys isnt crazy.


Maybe not for a family of 6 dude.


Well, the Wendy’s trip took place the night after my State meet in the outdoor season. I had abstained from fast food all season, so I was a little excited to pig out. The breakdown went something like this, although I’m not sure if its 100% accurate

2 Twisted Frosties (M&M and Cookie Dough)~$5
2 Double Baconator Value Meals~$14
2 Crispy Chicken Sandwiches~$2
Honey BBQ Boneless Wings~$3
Junior Bacon Cheeseburger~$1


I’m about to just give myself 1 million votes if I don’t get a single one :smiley:




ghamalian what’s your best Rubik’s time? Back in the day I got down to around an average of :45 with a best of :35. I wasn’t even top 5 in my high school though, there was a freaking Rubik’s Cube epidemic my senior year since the world record holder at the time was a recent graduate of my high school. Nowadays I’d probably have trouble breaking 1:30.


Now let’s not get all butt hurt.


watch me run ran a 4:14 junior year of HS.