And 159th place is



No I’m not. Just kidding…


I would enjoy doing this, I just don’t have the time to do so. Once you get to that bottom end group, you kind of clump them together and use section/conference results to juggernaut them around.

If I read it and saw my name last I wouldn’t be disheartened, it’s one guys opinion and I’ll go out and prove him wrong. If he goes to his mommy and cries “14.90 put me last on his state predictions” 1) I hope the mother slaps him and 2) I hope he realizes it’s just a prediction and he has the ability to place much higher and 3) grow a pair if it hurts your feelings, high schoolers should be able to deal with it… albeit I’m 24 and have never been picked first sigh #storyofmylife.


I agree with this statement. Last year you ranked me much lower than I thought I should have been (and later proved) because of a very poor performance at sections. I didn’t really care that I was ranked low because I knew it was only predictions.


I agree with everything Borgy said. I would try to do this too if I had more time. I don’t think the guy at the bottom is going to feel offended he is definitely going to see how many people he can snag. When I saw my name on this list, farther back then I thought it should be, I just used it as motivation and come race day I beat this guy named Jacob Sandry!!!


Come on, 14.90 got 8 out of 156 exactly correct last year for their place. I think that’s better than I could do.

I would post the line by line comparison, but I think the formatting wouldn’t work and you wouldn’t be able to read it…


I would say + or - 3 is pretty accurate for runners out of the top 15


That makes 35 correct…


I’m not trying to say I know enough about all the runners in the state to make accurate predictions. No one does, and least of all a busy college kid who actually didn’t even manage to watch a single High School CC race this fall. But the entire reason I began doing this was so that I would know who these runners are. Well, not the entire reason, but most of it (the rest is beacuse my life would be incomplete without trying to tell runners how good to be like my senior year of high school when I made predictions for all the runners on my CC team as to how well I thought they were going to do this season;) )And if I’m taking the time to do this anyways, I might as well put them up here so others can read and enjoy and agree and disagree at will (mostly disagree). And, I’ve got to admit, I don’t meticulously find everything I can about every runner in the state (past race results, facebook profiles, social security number, family history or running, personal interviews, etc…) because…well…why would I? I’m just making predictions to post on a running forum, I not proposing the newest, greatest method for prognosticating a runner’s future success.

And to the last place guy, Alex Kelly of Forrest Lake, you know I wish you the best of luck on Saturday! These predictions may say you’ll get last, but predictions are made to be wrong, and you go out there and prove me wrong! And, as a side note, I’ve never picked last place correctly anyways…:wink:

Edit: I’m actually rather suprised that you, LedZep222, came down on me the hardest. You are actually one of only a couple people on here that I am know outside of this forum and are good friends with in real life.




I think some people are still a little sore about not having the state meet they hoped for. :cool:


i gotta say, i like mark a whole lot better than i like 14.90. haha i’ve come to the point where i consider them to be two completely different people.

apparently i’m alone in having this opinion, but it’s still my opinion nevertheless. professional athletes should be expected to be able to handle negative outside speculations, even collegiate athletes. but i don’t think we should expect that from high school athletes, especially in cross country where some of these kids competing on saturday are as young as 13 or 14 years old and not even in high school yet. i love tracktalk, but i get very uneasy about being a part of it when i see comments that negatively single out kids. it doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. i got that feeling when looking at your predictions, and i wanted to say something.



Eesh, I’m not quite sure how to feel about that… But at least you like the real me better…:o

Yeah I can see where you are coming from, though, and I remember how you went through that whole ordeal a couple years ago (and, as evidenced by the first quote above, still do on occasion). I really do hope that my predictions don’t come across as trying to negatively portray these runners; I never try to portray someone in a negative light, especially since in this context, every single runner in the state meet is a far more talented and accomplished distance runner than me.


you’re not alone in this opinion, I worry about the way comments on here could negatively affect individual runners. I also get uneasy reading the comments sometimes, especially when it’s about a kid I know. Adults should be able to handle it better but kids are kids :confused:


haha don’t worry about it. all i really meant was, don’t think i hate you just because i disagree with you on tracktalk. as for my senior state meet, don’t mention it. i’m completely mostly almost 95% halfway over it


I think that picking a kid to get last might be better than picking him to get first. If he gets last then he can’t feel too bad because he was picked there and if he beats anybody then he can feel good about beating them. A kid picked first, on the other hand, would feel pressure prior to, and during, the race and would be disappointed by anything other than first. I understand that kids are kids but they still should be able to handle seeing their name picked last by an anonymous poster on a relatively obscure message board.


I’ve been following Track Talk a few months now, this current debate finally put me over the edge of watching vs participating. I’m surprised a full-out organized effort to rank all runners in the state meet took on the discussion of concern for the last runner on the list. First of all, I would recommend all high school runners avoid a site like this, nothing good can come from reading others opinions about your performance and ability, regardless if the comments are positive or negative. Of course the same is true for college and professional athletes. Further, I would argue it is the runners at the front of the list that have more to loose in terms of mental fitness by seeing these types of list and comments, runners at the back (out of the scoring ranks) are dealing with a lower level of pressure than the front. So back to the rankings, seems to be the nature of the site, I applaud the effort and look forward to seeing how well the ranking method holds up to the final results. This seems to be the most comfortable aspect of this site. The uncomfortable and potentially hurtful are the comments and analysis of individual runners. But again, this type of discussion is the sport for this site. Avoid this place if you are competing, enjoy this site if you are a fan.


It depends on how the athlete deals with the pressure IF they see this. Sandry probably felt an enormous amount of pressure from this site and choked at state whereas someone like Cole O’Brien has gained motivation from this site. I don’t think if one of the top runners like Thorson saw this it would affect him. I know that 14.90 didn’t make this list to hurt anyone, he did it simply as huge fan wanting to learn more about individual runners, and to show other fellow ttalk members.


I thought Sandry had a medical issue.


Why don’t we just give everybody racing on Saturday a 1st place medal? How about we pat all of them on the back and say great race, you are the best! Come on, if a kid chooses to participate in web discussions, that is their choice. If it affects their race, then that is something they have to deal with. I enjoy all of the talk on this site. It definitely peaks interest for a lot of people about cc and track.


Haha sarcasm?