An important announcement is forthcoming


The title is all the information I care to reveal for the time being.

MNPride can attest to the interest of this information.

My preliminary plan is to post in this thread tomorrow night. Will that general time frame accomodate most of your schedules?

Feel free to openly anticipate what I might say. Will I be taking my talents to South Beach? I wanted to post this on the one year anniversary of “The Decision” but all the pieces were not yet in place. I did not have my Bosh, so to speak. Think of it as the elaborate metaphorical Rube Goldberg that Holmes puts into action in “The Final Problem”.

Addendum: No, Mighty Mouse and I are NOT getting married. When we do, that announcement will come via post, not the internet.



I’ll be here 4sure.


You guys don’t want to miss this. Trust me.


You know you can just tell me now

just kidding you know I dont really care COLOR=Silver[/COLOR]


I was told that he’s posting jbf’s birth certificate since he had a sex change.

But I don’t think that’s it.


therunner, you’ve been in on this from the ground floor and don’t even realize it. You will be shocked tomorrow.


Feels good to be in the know. I’m one of the cool kids now.


I don’t care about your coming out of the closet announcement.


guarantee this announcement is retarded.


You probably won’t care about it, so yeah, for you it will be retarded.


yung money in the house.


Cool. You know that you can select to ignore my posts, right? I don’t mean just choosing to skim over them when you see them in a thread. I mean that you can select an option of “Ignore User”.

I suggest you do so as my posts aren’t really aimed at cretins and they probably just confuse you.


I’m assuming this is Espn Rise accepting vBulletin.

x_x x_x :cool: :cool:


don’t flatter yourself, bro.


Got me good…




it’s tough to be the best.



Why do you even post here? You act like everyone’s posts annoy you.


yes, the hate is strong in Ron Mexico, unleash yourself Ron, stop acting blase