Amy Weissenbach WOW!


Amy Weissenbach just set a new national record* in the 800m with her 2:02.04 off a 57 split, in the finals of the California State Meet. She practically ran the whole thing solo on a wet track (puddles of standing water all over). It will be amazing to see her go against Wilson at nationals.

Not only this but she tops that off with a 53.0 leg in the 4x4 passing the CA 400m champion on the anchor. In a controversial move by the officials Amy was ruled to have interfered with Akawkaw Ndipagbor during the pass, and her team was disqualified.

*National federation record (high school only race)


I think it was Poly’s Arielle Stevenson rather than Ndipagbor on the anchor leg.


I know that was what was on the sheet and what the announcers said but it looked like Ndipagbor to me. Stevenson is not that muscular. Frankly I wouldn’t trust those announcers say.


So what you’re saying is she ran an amazing-fast time, but did not break the nat’l. record. Okay.


OK fine didn’t break the official record, but still arguably the best (not fastest) 800 ever ran by a HS girl. She ran this solo, and on a very wet track (don’t remember if it was in the rain, but it may have been). The others ran those marks in elite fields in perfect weather conditions. I seriously think 2:00 is in danger when she races Wilson later this year.


Hope to see Amy go head to head with Ajee Wilson at the World Youth Trials!