Amazing time at Frankfurt Marathon


Wilson Kipsang runs 2:03:42, missing the would record by 4 seconds.

Amazing. There are now 4 kenyans under Haile’s old record of 2:03:59. The marathon is becoming just ridiculous. It is crazy to think that a 2:03 marathoner will not go to London. I wonder what would happen if Wanjiru hadn’t died.


eh, i’ve seen quicker than 2:03:42





" Another record was the 14 men under 2:10, the most in any Marathon."


Kenya now has Makau and Kipsang as the best 1-2 punch in the history of the marathon, much in the same way Bolt & Blake are for Jamaica.

It will be an amazing race to watch in London for sure, how similar is the course to the regular London Marathon course? The weather and relative flatness of London, combined with the caliber of the field almost ensures a ridiculously fast time.

If only Wanjiru were still here to make it that much more interesting. A guy who just WINS versus the two fastest of all time would be a race for the history books, regardless of outcome.


I’d argue that the rest of the sprinting world has a better chance of beating Bolt or Blake on a bad day than the marathon world does of beating Makau or Kipsang on a bad day. That’s how fast these marathons are being run now. I can imagine 2:05-2:09 guys must be getting very demoralized by this. Thinking you need to run sub 2:04 to win just isn’t going to happen for someone who is a 2:06 or 2:07 guy.

  1. Kipsang, Wilson KEN 2:03:42
  2. Matebo, Levy KEN 2:05:16
  3. Matebor, Albert KEN 2:05:25
  4. Sanga, Phillip, KEN 2:06:07
  5. Cheruiyot, Robert Kipron KEN 2:06:29
  6. Kirui, Peter KEN 2:06:31
  7. Kiptolo, Chumba Dickson KEN 2:07:23
  8. Gena, Siraj ETH 2:08:31
  9. Koech, Duncan KEN 2:08:38
  10. Sugut, Henry KEN 2:08:56

Thoughts in no particular order:[LIST]
[]Kenya nine of the top ten. This is one reason I think it’s easier to win an Oly medal than to place in the top three at a major marathon; Kenya can only send three. I wonder how many 2:06 or faster marathoners will be left at home for the trip to London next year?
]If this were a time trial to pick the traveling team for cross country, Kiptolo in 7th would be the last guy to make the squad . . . and he ran 2:07. I’m trying process the notion of a 2:07 marathoner just barely even being an also-ran on a cross country team. And some of the best Kenyans weren’t even in this race (like the top three at Chicago).
[]I presume a certified course, of course.
]Sugut in 10th ran 2:08 and was the ninth guy from his country and was literally a mile behind the winner. And again, some of the best Kenyans weren’t even here (like the top three in Chicago). He was probably included in the field after negotiations that sounded like the last kid getting picked for dodgeball: “You can only have Kipsang if you take this Sugut guy, too”. Poor bastard can run 4:55 pace for 26.2 miles but probably gets treated like a freshman by the rest of the guys, had to carry to everyone else’s bags to the bus and was last in line at the post-race team buffet. I’ll bet Danish citizenship is looking pretty good to him right now.[/LIST]


I am pretty sure it is a very different course from London. It has a bunch of 180 degree turns that should slow the race down drastically.


And which can make for some interesting strategy. For example, if there is a point at which there are several quick turns in succession, making a break right before that could mean that the chase pack wouldn’t be able to see the leader for a while when, in reality, he might not be that far ahead.


Is the Houston course for trails still planning on the 180 turns, I know that they had planned on it as of earlier in the year, but I thought they had decided against it.


Interesting thought experiment. I found myself initially disagreeing with you, then agreeing, then disagreeing, then agreeing again. Tough question.

I guess I would say it’s a wash. In the Marathon there’s room for error and correction, whereas one small mistake in sprinting and you’re done. That said, I would say that in a championship setting the Marathon is a different ball game than sprinting is. It’s more tactical, and thus if it goes slower then I could see one of the Kenyan’s not getting a medal, even though they’re the clear clear favorites for the sweep.

Hard. Anyone else have more coherent thoughts?

Interesting, that’ll make for some good TV :smiley: