All Time Mens HJ list


On Sunday in Birmingham, new world high jump champ Mutaz Essa Barshim upped his yearly world lead to the event’s benchmark height, 2.40 (7-10½). In so doing, the 26-year-old Qatari raised his own record for most consecutive years at 2.40 or higher to 5 (closest to him is WR holder Javier Sotomayor at 3).


2.40 Charles Austin Zürich 1991-08-07 Alltime-7

2.39 Hollis Conway Norman 1989-07-30 Alltime-13

2.37 Tom McCants Columbus 1988-05-08 Alltime-25
Jerome Carter Columbus 1988-05-08 Alltime-25
Jesse Williams Eugene 2011-06-26 Alltime-25
Erik Kynard Lausanne 2013-07-04 Alltime-25

2.36 Jim Howard Rehlingen 1987-06-08 Alltime-36
Doug Nordquist Norwalk 1990-06-15 Alltime-36
Dusty Jonas Boulder 2008-05-18 Alltime-36

2.35 Darrin Plab New Orleans 1992-06-28 Alltime-58
Nathan Leeper Sacramento 2000-05-21 Alltime-58
Charles Clinger Pocatello 2001-05-19 Alltime-58
Andra Manson Austin 2009-04-04 Alltime-58

2.34 Dwight Stones Los Angeles 1984-06-24 Alltime-71
Dennis Lewis Los Angeles 1985-03-30 Alltime-71
Matt Hemingway Modesto 2003-05-10 Alltime-71
James Nieto Athínai (OG) 2004-08-22 Alltime-71
JaCorian Duffield Eugene 2015-06-26 Alltime-71

2.33 Tyke Peacock Berlin 1983-08-17 Alltime-101
Brian Whitehead Columbus 1985-05-05 Alltime-101
Lee Balkin Durham 1987-07-26 Alltime-101
Brian Stanton Walnut 1988-05-29 Alltime-101
Tom Smith Eugene 1988-06-04 Alltime-101
Tora Harris Indianapolis 2006-06-25 Alltime-101
Scott Sellers Lincoln 2007-05-13 Alltime-101
Derek Drouin Philadelphia 2013-04-27


Barshim is probably the most enjoyable active athlete to watch for my money. He just floats up there.



I was there.