Alexa Efraimson breaks Cain's 3K record!


4 Efraimson, Alexa UNA 9:00.16

But I don’t know what Cain’s two mile 3K split was last year


If Cain split the 2 mile perfectly, she would’ve come through 3k in 8:58. However, IIRC, she closed HARD on the last lap, so I’d bet Efraimson’s mark is good.


Cain went thru 3000 meters in 9:04.51 if i remember correctly en route to her 9:38.68 two mile.


what record did she break?

Cain’s HS record? I see this was unattached? Is she in HS or college? Cain was 16 when she ran that


I get it now, the HS record, and outstanding mark


Wow, I didn’t see this coming! I think I’m more surprised by this than I was when Cain ran the old record the year before. I thought she’d put these records out of sight for a while and I never expected to have one broken so soon.


How is this not getting any more love?!?! This is INCREDIBLE. Has Cain really effected our perception of performances like this so much that a 9:00 gets such a muted response?


Is the female era equivalent to Webb/Ritz/Hall/etc. all under 20 and posting big times at the same time upon us?


Well there’s Cain, Efraimson, Cranny, Baxter all in high school right now so I think the comparison could be fair. You might even be able to throw in the recently graduated Frazier as well. Now my question is who corresponds most closely to each of the male equivalents?


I hadn’t thought of that, but I agree completely.


In terms of talent, range and event, Cain is Webb.


So then Efraimson could be Ritz maybe? And Baxter could be Hall.



Hope she doesn’t also end up with his hairline. :wink:


Not only without his hairline, but also without his head for big time racing and staying on track for the long run. Webb astounds both with his range in terms of distances at which he posted great times, but unfortunately also range of quality from sublime to awful results. So far, Cain has seemed heady beyond her years when it comes to being where she needs to be when she needs to be there.


After the excitement over this time, I’d have thought there might be more discussion of their actual head to head race today at Millrose. Both ran well. Cain winning in 4:27 and Efraimson running 4:32. Add in Wilson’s 2:01 win as a 19 year old and the US has got some excellent young women!



Times are slightly misleading since Cain was 219 thru the 880 and alexa was probably 221. Great race by both though


what discussion can there be

If pace was faster gap would have been bigger

Cain is way better than this other talented young lady, period.

And I was shocked at how poorly this meet was announced, like they have no idea Cain was by far the biggest kicker in it and had no obligation to follow any rabbitt, albeit boring for fans.


Efraimson is incredible, but Cain is in another solar system. Must think of them differently. Cain is a professional and has shown that she belongs there. Efraimson is going to be an incredible collegiate runner but has a bit to go to get to Cain’s level.


Why so quick to discredit Efraimson? The only big difference I saw between her and Cain last year (remember, she’s a year younger) was their tactics and the way the race played out. Efraimson was caught jostling for position in the middle of the pack for the entire race, and she had to make up for that slow first half. I think she had a sub-4:30 in her in a better race, which would put her right where Mary was last year. I can’t say if Efraimson will improve as much as Cain did from that point last year without the benefit of Alberto as a coach, but who’s to say she won’t?


Last year Cain was 16 @ Millrose (5/3/96)/Alexa is 16, but she turns 17 on 2/20, so same age Cain 4:28/Efraimson 4:32,