Alex Wilson Heat Sheets


Lots of names in that Mens Mile!


My guess is you will see a ton of scratch downs in that mile field


I know of one already on the fence. John Simons, 7:55/13:53 guy, is also entered in the 3000. Won’t know what he’s racing until tomorrow.


Upu have to look at what is reaslistic as a coach and athlete

7:54 stands 1`8 on the 3K list for example, if Nova makes it at DMR, does McEntee get moved into the 3K field as well. I know there are rules that deal with participation and that sometimes opened up some slots? Am I wrong on that?

The mile DMR double is really rough to run usually

so do some milers who are 3K qualified, go DMR/3K

The 16th miler is 3:58.85


That used to be the case (i.e., if, after the field had been filled, the next athlete on the list in an event had already qualified in another event, the committee could choose to include them as long as it didn’t screw up heat or flight math).

However, the process has been simplified this year. The only variable will be to see who declares for what event:


Qualifying Criteria. For each individual event contested, the top 16 declared student-athletes will be accepted into the competition. For each relay event contested, the top 12 declared relay teams will be accepted into the competition. The stated maximums are absolute and will not be extended as a result of ties.



Thank you, I knew you or GTK would respond as soon as I asked this, hahahaha