Adidas Results


CBA 3:15.73 FTW. Wow. Someone at the meet caught Foster in 47 low.


wow is right. great work!!


Union Catholic 2nd in 3:16.36
West Orange - DNF


More great work, I see WO as a DNF? Dropped stick?


Girls Dream Mile

Must have been a helluva race / finish


Pretty disappointing result for Haley Pierce who had run just run 4:41 as part of a double and ran 4:45 here last year.


Did anyone get ajee wilsons time in the 800?


7th Place
2:02.61 State Record!!

Weissenbach 2:04.03


I have to say that is a helluva time

and I have to admit when watching it, I thought she ran like 2:05


I am with King, I thought she and Weissenbach were both over 2:05 and neither was.


QFE, very impressive.

Shame the NYS meet conflicted… would have liked to see Cain running against that field instead of the walkover 4:19 1500 she ran this morning.


Thank you. First, the camera work was horrible rolling to the infield as they crossed the line. But my perspective watching her behind the pack was that she did not run great…oh, yes she did.

The other high schooler in the race, Amy Weissenbach the 1200 leg (3:24.85) on last year’s NR DMR for Harvard Westlake ran 2:04.03.


how could you tell with that horrible camera work? and this is the network that is going to do the olympics?
actually i thought she was around 2:05 too because it didn’t look like she was in the race at all. i hope they didn’t pay that rabbit. that may be the worst “pacing” i have ever seen.
hard to believe jenny simpson ran 2:00. i never thought she had that kind of speed.


Do they have both her and Chapus back this year??


Let’s start predictions here. What are your guys predictions for chez and Malone ? I say chez goes 3:58 and Malone 4:06.


Chapus won the girl’s mile in 4:39.64.


Would be better if we could actually SEE the race.


David Rudisha is insane. 1:41.8!!! Andrews had to run pretty fast too. Around 1:43?


Nevermind probably 1:44 or 45