Adidas Dream Mile / Dream 100


The adidas Dream Mile / 100 will take place as a part of the Diamond Leagues adidas Grand Prix.

When: May 25, 2013

20 Randall’s Island Park
New York, NY 10035
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2012 Results:

Meet Records:

Entry Standards:

[indent]HS Mile: B - 4:11, G - 4:50
100m: B - 10.50, G - 11.70[/indent]


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half a second seems a little steep of a qualifying time for the 100.




I hear Burcham is out of the dream mile now?


is that, that surprising with a seasonal best of 4:08.xx and third in his last big race?


He still has a 4:02 PR. I don’t know, I guess I am always an advocate of people with fast PRs especially if they ran that fast as a junior in high school.

It’s not always easy to maintain steady improvements when you have success at a younger age. Sometimes it’s more impressive when an athlete returns to that same level than it is when he or she was first coming up.


I swear when I posted that the 1 on the 10.50 wasn’t there.


I get it that his PR is 4:02.73 but that was LAST June. For whatever reason Jacob hasn’t approached that level since then and its not like he hasn’t been in a couple big races since then. I’m not advocating leaving him out or including him, just saying that this season is not last season. If the race organizers see a need for him to prove that he is capable of running under say 4:05, I can understand that.


If that were the bar… it would be a pretty small field next weekend.


I am using 4:05 as the example because its currently the time at which some on here want to separate the FEW from the OTHERS. Next year the times may not be so fast because most of these guys are graduating and there might not be as many super fast returners. We won’t know until this season plays all the way out.


Hasn’t Burcham still run 4:08 this year? It’s not his 4:02 but it’s as good as some of the guys who are definitely in the dream mile have run.


He has (4:08.85) and he may yet run that super time but he hasn’t done that yet.


Why no Nick Ryan :confused: I feel like that should be addressed; is it his own decision not to go?


The F-M folks are mystified too. The guy ran 4:05.24 in the New York State meet last year. Should have been one of the top runners coming into the season. Maybe they didn’t see what they wanted this spring; Burcham too. Hard to tell what they are thinking.


I assumed Ryan had a conflict, he should have been invited, HOWEVER, if we are using teh same eye test for him as Burcham, he has no high level mile/1600 time these past two seasons Indoor or out that I know of?
He did break 9 minutes, so did Burcham I believe?


Nick Ryan ran a full-mile time of 4:11.67 in April at the Chittenango Invite under less than perfect weather conditions … at the time I first saw the Dream Mile field that was selected, that time was in the top 10 in the nation according to MileSplit (and he was not attempting to run a record time) … and the runner who finished 2nd in that mile race (Ryan Manahan, 4:17), just won the 800 at the Loucks Games (1:52) and the following day at Loucks, he led most of the mile race before being passed by only Ben Malone and Ed Cheserek (Manahan was 3rd in 4:13).

Nick Ryan did not attend any of the “nationally-prominent” type races during indoor season … he did not try to set any “record-times” and was content to simply run fast enough to win the NY State Indoor 1600m (4:14.02).

Nick Ryan’s only attempt to run a “record-time” in the recent track seasons occurred at the Oneida Invite when he ran the 8:55.93 time at 3200m … The time was not a surprise to people who follow Nick Ryan.

His form-cycle was already ahead of last year’s when he ran a 1600m in 4:05.24 … It was not necessary to see his 3200m race to know there was a strong possibility of him running some very fast times in either the mile or 3200m.

Apparently the adidas selectors have their own selection criteria (such as, you must run 4:08 in the last couple of months or whatever) … How many in the Dream Mile have actually run a 4:05 1600m (or equivalent) at any time?? … Several have, and maybe that’s good enough for promotional purposes).


just throwing it out there but is there a adidas/nike conflict with ryan causing this issue?

hate to see things like that but you never know. i only bring it up b/c ryan seemed like a no brainer to be invited which is making making me search for answers…shame if such is the case.


No, there isn’t. I know firsthand that the FM folks are scratching their heads on this one.


I agree with Joe that this is not the case. He probably has some more insider info then I do, but just looking at previous Dream Miles there is always guys that have went to the NIKE “Elite” training camp competing. Obviously they arn’t under contract or anything, and attending a camp is sort of a different situation. But FM is under a nike contract not Nick Ryan so sort of similar.



Does anyone have a good understanding of the athletes entered in the dream 100… Seems to be getting a lot of social media hype for sub 10 (This happened last year too though). Does anyone in this field have a legit shot at sub 10?

I noticed Tyson Gay and some other sprinters tweeting back and forth with some of the athletes entered, calling themselves dream mentors or something. Pretty cool to have the elites connect with the highschool elites.


adidas mentors :wink: