About Cellphones


Ok, so, I really need a plan that only has unlimited texting and nothing else. I dont want unlimited talk, or web or anything…all i need is texting. Is there any cellphone service that has that?


This seems like a “Playground” topic to me.


I don’t know what it’s called but there is a text only service intended for deaf/mute people.


virgin mobile has (our used to, i’m not sure anymore) that. but they’re coverage is pretty lousy.




There’s an iPod app that has a texting service for $5 a month. I use it on my itouch all the time for unlimited texting.


so i hear you’re a great communicator


lol, good call.


Yeah I’m pretty sure Sprint has this. Just tell them it’s for a deaf person.


You know, actually talking to people has its benefits.