ABC Party Ideas


Our club team has a mixer with the gymnastics team coming up on Saturday night and it’s ABC themed. Any good ideas/outfits that anyone has used in the past?


Not sure why but the word mixer makes me laugh


just tape your penis.



  1. Cut a hole in the box
  2. Put your junk in that box





Fact: Any ‘sweet party idea’ you have has already been had. In all likelihood there are several dozen ABC Parties going on at the exact same time at assorted institutions of higher education around the country.

Why not just cut the crap and have a ‘Let’s All Get Drunk Enough So Us Geeky White Boys Can Dance and Try Stuff On With the Opposite Sex’ Party.


well ya see we tried that, but it got really hard to say after a few beers so we had to shorten it

/bull**** tongue in cheek post from 19 year sober loser who doesnt go to parties


ABC and ESPN are both owned by Disney. Or maybe ESPN and Disney are owned by ABC? I don’t remember. Either way, someone better be Erin Andrews.


disney owns everything. including slaves


Fact: Any ‘making fun of themed parties’ remark you say has already been said. In all likelihood there are several dozen people making such remarks at the exact same time in assorted forums around the internet.

Why not just cut the crap and make a ‘Trying to be Funny by Making a Post in the Exact Same Syntactical Format Only With Different Words’ post.


You’re not missing anything.


Doesnt matter. It’s all owned by the Jews.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


i was a banana for our last ABC party. one of those banana halloween costumes. didn’t wear any underwear which wasn’t the greatest idea. but i took “Anything But Clothes” to heart.


apparently one of the bars i frequent most often here in town had an ABC party last weekend. Their definition of clothes did not include undergarments so it was just boxers for guys and bras/panties for girls. I happened not to go out that night however, so i have no firsthand stories.