Abbey D'Agostino appreciation/Prediction thread


Fastest 5k qualifier at the Trials. What do you think of her chances in Thursday’s final? She’s come a long way in two years, but can she make the team for London?


I think she can hit the A Standard of 15:20. Prelims were pretty slow. Plenty of women with gas in the tank. She’s the story now and I think she will rise to the challenge.


I do not believe so. Maybe she can pr by three+ seconds this late in the season, I’m not sure that will happen.

Also she has stated she won’t push the pace so as to achieve the standard. Based on most of her races, I don’t think she is a front runner, so unless someone else wants a hot pace, I doubt ‘A’ will happen.


Terrific race for Abbey! She gets the A, but misses third place by 0.19". I can’t get over how far she has come in such a short time. Can’t wait for 2016.


Alright. 15:19.98 meeting the A standard, but finishing 4th.

Fantastic run within a second of an Olympic spot. Not too shabby


You can’t coach the thing she has and used over the last 100- not sure what to call it in mixed company, but she has it.


Like Old Blue Eyes sang " The BEST is yet to Come":cool: :smiley:


Terrific race indeed! If Conley doesn’t have that huge finish, Abby probably gets third but I figure she drops just below the standard.

I wish they would show the whole race and carry the splits for the lead runner.

Who was the bozo announcer saying they wouldn’t hit the standard with 1000m to go at 12:20?


It’s unfortunate, but it would probably better to watch these meets with the tv muted. The announcing never fails to get some laughs (always unintended), but most of the time it is just plain terrible. I really wish they would get some new people in there, specifically some that actually know how to talk about distance races (and can do basic math in their head). Ato is fine for the sprints, and Dwight is solid for field events. Just my $0.02.