A Little Help


Can someone post splits from 4 x mile

College 4 x 8

HS 4 x 8

when they occur , 4 x mile already did

For some reason I can view results, but splits do not show

Does anyone know why that is for me? Is it a browser update issue?

Thank you


Here’s a link to the 4xmile splits:


There are other buttons that will allow you to navigate to other events. Open it up and give it a try. I’m using Safari, seems to work OK.


Nope I get to there , but all that shows are the times total


Here ya go, kinger:


It is a browser issue, I guess, my son’s works fine


Thanks Yosh, I can see them on my son’s , but not mine


who ran the 4:00.9 for Oregon?


It’s a blank, your guess is as good as mine. I was blacked out of the dang feed!


It’s updated now to:

Chad Noelle (4:09.5), Travis Stanford (4:06.3), Trevor Dunbar (4:00.9), Alexander (4:05.7)

(Alexander, Colby)