A favor for the UD XC/T&F teams


could anyone who has facebook please take a moment to “like” this page. its an effort being spearheaded by a former poster (cwall) to try and get the UD men’s XC/T&F teams reinstated after they were unjustly cut from the university’s athletic programs choices by an asshole AD. there are a few posters on here who go to UD and have been effected by this (engolto, mike tait, thewolf, colonials400)and it would mean a lot to them to try and help out.





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Not done, because I don’t have a facebook (sorry).

Related question, though: I take it that for the upcoming season at least they are going to put together a NIRCA team. Does anyone have contact info for whoever is in charge of that (they don’t have a website set up last time I checked)?


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none of us actually attend ud anymore. tait, thewolf and i graduated last year and colonials400 transferred to w&m.

but yeah, like the page, do whatever to continue to raise awareness. i think the administration was hopeful that summer vacation would make people forget about this but if people can continue to bring it up and support the fight that would be great.

they have set up a club team and are a part of NIRCA. i pm’d you contact info for the president.


yeah i should have mentioned that you all graduated. im guessing colonials400 transferred cause of the decision?




I liked it. Should post this on letsrun too. Someone should impale that AD with spikes. Lots of 1/4 inch spikes.




Fight the Power!


i would assume so.




done did it.




I liked that page, but Deleware track ain’t coming back for awhile.