8th grade girl 5:00.81 at UWM Open


There’s a 7th grade girl Delea Martin (Mustangs) who just ran 58.83 and 12.73 in Baltimore last weekend.

Jayce Gray Hill 8th grader ran 26.52 recently and that would have advanced out of a few D2 Sectionals.

There will be several youth meets in the area in June and I should be able to post more than.


@zeeeblob I saw 3 shorewood middle school girls sub 27


From what I have heard Shorewood will have some good athletes coming up in the next few years for both the boys and girls. Looks like the smaller North Shore schools will be on a rebound in a few years.


@zeeeblob Does shorewood get some of the city kids from a zoning perspective? Does that 220 program exist still where city students could choose schools outside the city or was that eliminated years ago? I loved valdes is sporting the mustache. He will be very hard to beat if he keeps the mustache




She ran 26.04 and 56.42 to win the 200 and 400 at the WVC Indoor meet at UW-Stevens Point on 4/9.