8th grade girl 5:00.81 at UWM Open


A young lady named Roisin Willis from Stevens Point ran 5:00.81 at UWM on Saturday, winning by 35 seconds. Other PR’s: 800m 2:14.45, 400m 59.22, 200 26.73. Impressive stuff.


Yep, she’s really fast. Doesn’t look like it, the way that Brooke J does, but Roisin gets around really well


I believe her mom was an Olympian (not from USA though) and husband is a professor at UW-Stevens Point.


Roisin is an Irish name and is pronounced Ro-Sheen. That’s all I got.


Her genetics certainly are not lacking!


Lee Willis is the Chair of the Department of History at UW-Stevens Point. He was a basketball player in high school and college and only started to run after college. This article from around 2001 says his PR’s were 3:49 and 1:51, but he was looking to go sub-3:45 and sub-1:50. I’m curious to know if he ever got there.

He grew up in Tallahassee and went back there after college, getting a job in a running store. On his first day Breeda was the one who trained him. Stories like that kill me. He eventually got his M.A. and Ph.D. at Florida State.

Gulf Winds Track Club


Nice article. In looking through the results, I noticed a couple of names from different generations. First, Jack Radar, then a 14 year-old kid perhaps barely into his high school career wins his division for the 8k in 30:35.

Second, Jerry Husz. former Wisconsin Lutheran & UW La Crosse runner. He won the 50-54 division in 27:01 and was 23rd overall.

I remember watching him dominate high school cross country races in 1978. I assume he had similar success in college.


In addition to Crazylegs, Jerry consistently runs fast at Al’s run, Lighthouse run, and other road races year after year! I believe Jerry is 56 or 57 years old now, but still can race with the young guys… He was a 2-time WISAA State HS cross country champ & had a stellar career at UW LaCrosse.


I love Jerry Hsuz! That guy is a treasure. A true character and a true talent. When I first got out of college and was bigger into the road racing scene, I had the pleasure of doing some runs with Jerry. The guy was classic! We actually did a run where he was wearing flannel pajamas. We did another run where he was wearing regular running pants, but was wearing almost a body length parka. He would go on and on about his injuries, but still just throw down. I remember him running sub 15:00 at some race wearing a bulky knee brace. Don’t know what he is up to now, but that guy was awesome!


@AnakinFavre, In 2009, Jerry was mentioned by Runner’s World as being one of the top Master’s runners in the U.S.!


She Roisen has a shot at breaking the state record as an 8th grader in the 800. Of course it won’t be a real record since it has to be done at state. She ran 2:14 as a 7th grader and broke 2:17 at least 3x possibly more. It’s possible she breaks 2:10 this summer in the right race although her 400 pr is high 59s which seem to limit something sub 2:10 unless she brings that to a sub 57. That being said to break 2 flat in college you need to be able to run 400 meters in sub 53 which is really hard for most for most woman to do which is why brooke jaworski needs to move up and become a national elite in an event she can possibly take not just to the collegiate level but potentially represent America. Of course she can choose to move up whenever she chooses the option doesn’t dissapear and the longer she keeps her 100 meter speed the better


She ran a 2:16 indoors in mid February already and won the nationals new balance championships in the true mile in 5:05 for junior high


We’ll have to see how the proposed changes at UW-Stevens Point play out. Obviously, if they go through there will be a significant impact on Roisin’s father.

UW-Stevens Point Proposal To Drop Majors


She just ran a sub minute 400 on an asphalt track at a MS meet in Rapids.


good connection


@zen I’m thinking the sun prarie coaches are looking for a job for him at uw madison. She would be that missing ingredient for Nike. Similarly if Muskego finds him a job at uwm or onalaska finds him a job at whatever university is in that part of the state those 2 teams could be Nike bound as well. Stevens point highschool May have to step in here as I’m sure they don’t want to lose one of the 2 or 3 ranked eighth graders in the country


I hope you are kidding about Sun Prairie and Muskego trying to recruit these parents to move to their district. Like either of them really need any more talent.


@westharrier I’m half joking but clearly she would make them (and probably onalaska) national contenders with one change in the zip code. All these teams are a low stick away from the next level and beating these amazing Minnesota teams at the heartland. But I know this isn’t basketball or football where this stuff probably does happen I am being sarcastic


Any update on Roisin Willis @ccnoob I don’t see any of her times listed on milesplit or athletic.net for outdoors. Another girl from Benton-scales, Kayci martenson ran a solo 5:12 so we have 2 wunderlings coming and according to @zeeeblob some fine 400/800 types as well from Milwaukee. On the boys side a 8th Grade miler from the heartland area (st Charles parish) Charlie Wesley has already run 4:45. Maybe we will see that improve at the wisco mile when he gets competition. Potential candidates to push him include Nathan Osbourne from Cedarburg has run 4:53 this year already and ran 5:07 in 7th grade and of course 7th grader Owen Bosley who I’m not sure if he is running track this year or not. Anyways none of these boy times matter in highschool obviously but they could be stars down the road or not, where the 2 top girls both can be relevant this year if they were running. Note: that 4:53 by the kid from the private school in Cedarburg was part of a 1600-800-400-4x400 quadruple in I believe a Lutheran schools type of state meet so he may have another big time drop if running only one race


Well, she won the high jump, 1, 2, and 4 at the Jr. High conference meet a couple weeks ago. Not a surprise to anyone I don’t imagine. A Point 8th grade boy went 4:54 to win the mile by 10 seconds, and he wasn’t the fastest cross kid last year for the SPASH Jr. high team. A Point kid from the other Jr. High went 55.24 in the 4, which is faster than the fastest time in the state as shown on Athletic.net