800m D1 vs D2


I’m suprised that nobody has brought up the 800m qualifier comparison between D1 and D2. The autoqualifer spot of D2 ended up being 1:57.01 while D1 was 1:56.90. In fact, the last D2 qualifier for the fast heat (top 10) was 1:57.13 while the #10 for D1 was 1:57.17. The 5th place runner at the Boscobel sectional was 1:57.50 and he would have been 0.04 seconds out of the fast heat at state for D1. I know that the races are smaller at the D1 sectionals meaning you may not have to exert as much to get through but I was shocked that the top 10 were under 1:57.13. It may take a 1:55 or faster effort to podium for D2 this year.

This brings me to my next question. Does anyone think the autoqualifier mark should be the #8 time/mark from all state qualifiers combined rather than all sectional marks combined?


I know this has been around for a few years, but does anyone find it strange when there are just 6 runners in the slow section of the 800 at the D2 State Meet. Why couldn’t they run all 16 in one final?


This would be interesting and perhaps beneficial in events 400m and over. However incorporating hand timed marks from the season below 400 to this would be very problematic. This also encroaches on autoqualifying using in season marks which I think would be beneficial especially for 3200m runners. For instance there’s no reason Hirsch should have had to prove himself against the end of days sectional held at Waukesha North for the 3200m. He is not only the defending state champion but has been atop the honor roll since nearly week one minus Kromer’s mark from the Brooks PR meet.


But he’d still be a top 8 guy at sectionals. I don’t think he’d bag sectionals hoping to grab a time that places him top 8 after all sectional meets are scored. I’m saying, take the #8 time from all qualifier…don’t include the nonqualifiers that ran a top 8 time. If your mark falls within the #8 best qualifer mark, then your in. This is similar to what we have now, except it gets a couple more kids in as autoqualifiers.


Now I see what you are saying. It slightly bends the current logic behind extra qualifying standards. I tried to find a working example and fortunately didn’t have to go too far. The D2 Boys 4x100m Relay. Below are all the marks from sectionals (excluding NT, DNF, DQ, etc.) in ascending order:

 Mark                              School                  Sectional               Pl
 43.08 	                           Marinette               D2 Little Chute          1 
 43.66 	                           Shorewood               D2 Whitewater            1 
 43.93 	                           Aquinas                 D2 Monroe                1 
 44.02 	                           Marshall                D2 Monroe                2 
 44.12 	                           West Salem              D2 Monroe                3 
 44.12 	                           Xavier                  D2 Little Chute          2 
 44.16 	                           Platteville             D2 Monroe                4 
 44.27 	                           Mount Horeb             D2 Monroe                5 
 44.31 	                           Black River Falls       D2 Monroe                6 
 44.34 	                           Little Chute            D2 Little Chute          3 
 44.36 	                           Monroe                  D2 Monroe                7 
 44.42 	                           Lancaster               D2 Monroe                8 
 44.45 	                           Milwaukee Lutheran      D2 Whitewater            2 
 44.50 	                           Richland Center         D2 Monroe                9 
 44.55 	                           Jefferson               D2 Whitewater            3 
 44.57 	                           Weyauwega-Fremont       D2 Little Chute          4 
 44.58 	                           Kenosha St. Joseph      D2 Whitewater            4 
 44.60 	                           Fall Creek              D2 Bloomer               1 
 44.63 	                           Kettle Moraine Lut      D2 Whitewater            5 
 44.68 	                           Clinton                 D2 Whitewater            6 
 44.81 	                           Wautoma                 D2 Little Chute          5 
 44.85 	                           Somerset                D2 Bloomer               2 
 44.89 	                           Martin Luther           D2 Whitewater            7 
 44.95 	                           Nekoosa                 D2 Bloomer               3 
 44.96 	                           Lodi                    D2 Monroe                10 
 44.98 	                           Chilton                 D2 Little Chute          6 
 45.02 	                           Lakeland Union          D2 Bloomer               4 
 45.12 	                           Catholic Memorial       D2 Whitewater            8 
 45.28 	                           Freedom                 D2 Little Chute          7 
 45.32 	                           Notre Dame Academy      D2 Little Chute          8 
 45.33 	                           Whitewater              D2 Whitewater            9 
 45.36 	                           Osceola                 D2 Bloomer               5 
 45.42 	                           Mosinee                 D2 Bloomer               6 
 45.69 	                           Elk Mound               D2 Bloomer               7 
 45.69 	                           Pewaukee                D2 Whitewater            10 
 45.71 	                           Tomahawk                D2 Bloomer               8 
 45.80 	                           Laconia                 D2 Whitewater            11 
 45.82 	                           East Troy               D2 Whitewater            12 
 45.83 	                           Ripon                   D2 Whitewater            13 
 45.85 	                           Belleville-New Gla      D2 Monroe                11 
 45.89 	                           Barron                  D2 Bloomer               9 
 45.93 	                           Poynette                D2 Monroe                12 
 46.07 	                           Mayville                D2 Whitewater            14 
 46.13 	                           St. Croix Central       D2 Bloomer               10 
 46.17 	                           Northwestern            D2 Bloomer               11 
 46.22 	                           Edgerton                D2 Monroe                13 
 46.79 	                           Brown Deer              D2 Whitewater            15 
 46.87 	                           Kewaskum                D2 Whitewater            16 
 46.89 	                           Amery                   D2 Bloomer               12 
 47.19 	                           Randolph/Cambria-F      D2 Monroe                14 
 47.91 	                           Madison Edgewood        D2 Monroe                15 
 48.09 	                           Grantsburg              D2 Bloomer               13 
 48.52 	                           Stanley-Boyd            D2 Bloomer               14 

Under the current system only Mt. Horeb grabs the extra qualifying position. Under your proposed system Black River Falls would also get in. Is that correct?