71% of votes regret voting for nObama


I hope you socialists get what you deserve without ruining this country any further.


How can the votes regret it? They are inanimate objects.

Also, quoting the Washington Examiner is the equivalent of me quoting http://****republicans.com/


My vote does not regret voting for Gray Johnson.


This poll has some serious issues:


79% of Obama voters say they’d vote for him if the election were re-held, yet 71% regret their vote?

That does not make any sense.

Edit: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that 71% is from this: “Asked of those who reported voting for Barack Obama in 2012 but would not vote for him if the election was held again”


Yeah. Just like 83% of Americans want more gun control right?


60% of the time, it works every time.


You do know that 85% of all statistics are made up, right?


Funnage has to be a high suicide risk. It will get better, kid.


Tell that to democrats who tried to push gun control because of those made up stats.


It gets better


That was at my local gun store. I love Minnesota!